Cayman Airways flight reports strange odor

Cayman’s emergency services were put on standby at Owen Roberts Airport Wednesday after an odor was reported emanating from the cockpit of a Cayman Airways aircraft.

According to the airline, maintenance inspections on the ground in Grand
Cayman revealed that one of several ventilation fans had developed a defect in flight, resulting in the
odor. The defective ventilation fan was removed and replaced, and the
was returned to service with minimal delays to the day’s scheduled

The Wednesday Cayman Airways flight KX113
was inbound for Grand Cayman from Miami,
Florida when it developed an unusual odor
in the cabin during the flight, the airline said. No abnormalities were
indicated in the cockpit, but Cayman Airways Captain Gary Hydes elected to begin an early descent into Grand
Cayman as a precautionary measure.

On final approach into Grand Cayman,
Captain Hydes informed Air Traffic Control of the odor and as a precaution,
requested for emergency services to be on standby. The aircraft landed safely
at Owen Roberts International
Airport without incident.

“Cayman Airways would like to
assure everyone that the nature of the defect, while creating an unusual odor,
did not impact the safety of the flight, airline CEO Fabian Whorms said.