Flowers missing from cemetery

Expensive potted flowers left on family graves at the Bodden Town Cemetery on 24 December went missing on Christmas Day.

Corine Rankine and her sister Vernel carefully selected plants full of multicoloured flowers for the plots of their brother, father, grandmother and uncles. The next day when they went to check if they were still upright because of the stiff breezes, all the flowers 
were gone.

“It is a crying shame and selfish act that people would do something like that, rob the dead. My sister said she searched the graveyard but could not find our flowers. I did not believe her at first, so I made a special trip to the cemetery to have a look. I searched and searched and even checked other graves for the missing flowers, but up to this day I have not found them,” said Corine Rankine. ”From the time my brother died, we were placing flowers at the grave. Now it looks like we will have to be more careful with selections and suggest that someone keep a sharp lookout for the thieves.”

Dolly Solomon said people have been stealing flowers from the cemetery for years.

Retired cemetery caretaker Freddy Watler said he was not aware of the recent incidents. When residents complained, he said, ”I made it my business to go out there and sit to see who was doing the act, I observed one lady taking flowers and leaving with them. Maybe the same person is back,” 
he said.