Open letter to Premier

Dear Sir,

As a born Caymanian who worked for my country for 37 years in the Civil Service, I write this open letter to you, Hon. Premier, in the hope that you will understand the unhappiness of your people when insulted by foreigners who have come to our Islands and become paper Caymanians.

Sir, there is no one who welcomes outsiders more than I. When I worked in the Judicial Department, I met mostly foreign judges and attorneys and chief justices who made each and every member of the staff welcome and motivated. My case is an example of that being no longer the fact. I was 60 on 4 January, 2011, and in September, 2010, asked for an extension particularly to train someone. On Thursday, 30 December, 2010, with three days of public holidays intervening, I was told there would be no renewal/extension and that my last day would the 4 January, 2011.

Mr. Premier, to be given four days notice after over 37 years’ service in the Civil Service is not the Caymanian way. For my country, I took pay cuts and worked long hours only to be treated like I was a piece of the furniture. Better manners can be found in Northward Prison. No one has been trained for my job and someone who is a legal analyst/drug court coordinator is acting in my job. They offered me an extra two months, to add to other insults.

Is there no planning? Why was no one chosen to be trained last year? I suppose I will be threatened for stating facts.

Anyone who does this, especially if one states any facts about the administration, is in fear. I am doing this because I want my culture to be retained and something done for the younger generation. Saying “sorry” cannot help.

Nothing compensates for the lack of human decency and respect shown to Caymanians in their own country. People should know that our people will not be treated by heads of departments in this inhumane, disrespectful manner. I urge you to teach those who you appoint manners. Even in Northward Prison they know better.

I am, Sir, your humble fellow Caymanian.

Ezmie Smith


  1. So she knew from at least September that she was being retired. How is that 4 days notice? This letter is so poorly written you are lucky government kept you on for 37 years!

  2. Now this I really dont understand, how does her turning 60 and getting retired attribute to getting insulted by foreigners? And how does the fact that they dont currently have a replacement for her mean a lack of human decency, inhumane treatment or being treated in a disrespectful manor by foreigners? This is just another example of people blaming foreigners for everything that goes wrong in their life and will just stir up more animosity towards people who were not born in Cayman