PwC donates
 laptops to schools

PwC has donated 20 used laptops to two schools and the Ministry of Education to assist in the development of IT knowledge.

“We at Grace Christian Academy are extremely grateful to PwC for their recent donation; this donation could not have come at a more opportune time,” said Principal Ramona Melody. “Technology really has enabled our students to learn in ways not previously possible. This donation has also helped us to expand our Information Technology instruction to provide more online learning opportunities and study skills tutorial. The laptops have already [have] had a positive impact on our educational programme, and we are delighted to have them.”

Cayman Academy Principal Nelda Dracket said, “The laptops will be used in the kindergarten division of our school, and they will be used to extend the students’ knowledge in the field of technology”.

Angilynn Chan, manager at PwC, said, “At PwC we believe in investing in the future. Technology is a fast growing area that has become fundamental in the education system and the corporate world. By introducing this sort of knowledge to students from a young age, enhances value in their education, which in turn enhances the value in our community and future.”