Surrounding areas of landfill searched – Anna still missing

    Royal Cayman Islands Police Officers said Saturday that a search at the George Town landfill for a missing government worker had largely been completed, and the areas surrounding the dump would now be searched.

    Police and volunteers began searching the
    landfill for the missing Department of Environmental Health worker, identified as Anna Evans, late Thursday and continued into the wee hours of Friday.

    By mid-morning Friday a group of dozens of
    volunteer searchers, mostly friends and family of Mrs. Evans who had been there the previous night,
    returned to assist police in the search at the landfill.

    “Whether she is dead or if she’s alive, we
    just want to know,” said Margaret Carmola, Mrs. Evans’ aunt. “We’re not
    going to leave her.” 

    Unfortunately, police said, bogus BBM messages were circulating the Islands Friday claiming that a body had been recovered. Those were not true, officers said.

    By mid-day Saturday there had been no word of Mrs. Evans being found. 

    Royal Cayman
    Islands Police received a report Thursday evening that the 37-year-old
    George Town woman was missing.

    Evans was last seen around noon Thursday at the landfill where she worked, police

    Friends and family began
    searching for her when she didn’t return home from work Thursday. Police
    were notified shortly after 6pm Thursday. They responded to the
    night-time search at the landfill around 10.30pm. 

    By 7.30am Friday, the RCIPS
    helicopter was up over the landfill assisting police and volunteer
    search teams. Volunteers spent Thursday night looking through areas
    where it was believed Mrs. Evans might have been working.

    According to police, Mrs. Evans’ handbag had
    been left in a work shack at the landfill site. By mid-day Friday
    nothing else had been recovered by search teams. Police marine patrols
    searching the shore area near the landfill had also found nothing by
    that point either.

    “Anna! Anna!”
    searchers called as they trudged through mounds of garbage with walking
    sticks sifting through the muck. “Please, Lord, just help us to find

    “Everything she did was for
    her kids,” said Mrs. Carmola, who broke down in tears at one point
    during the search. “She didn’t bother nobody, she just went to work and
    to church. It was just her and her children.”

    Chief Officer of the Ministry of District
    Administration Kearney Gomez – who was involved in the landfill searches
    until 2.30am Friday – was back on site around 8am Friday.

    Mr. Gomez said Mrs. Evans works as a
    ‘spotter’ at the dump; meaning she directs
    dump trucks where to make their deposits. 

    He said everyone at the landfill was worried
    about Mrs. Evans, who has a total of five children between the ages of
    18 and six. 

    “It’s very unusual that
    she didn’t go home Thursday night,” Mr. Gomez said. “I think she has two
    children, two young boys, living with her.” 

    “The volunteer searchers out here (Thursday) night
    were very irate,” he added. 

    landfill workers said they believed Mrs. Evans’ youngest two children
    were staying with family members for the time being. 

    According to residents who live near Mrs.
    Evans’ home on July Street in Windsor Park, a large crowd of people
    gathered in the area Thursday night; many of them aware of her

    Police said that Mrs. Evans’ husband was assaulted at a location on McField Lane Thursday by approximately ten individuals.

    He was taken to the hospital Thursday night
    for treatment for facial injuries. Doctors said his injuries were not

    Police said the man
    was not under arrest, but that they wished to question him in connection
    with Mrs. Evans’ disappearance. Those queries would have to wait until
    his condition improved, officers said.

    RCIPS Chief Inspector Richard Barrow said
    police believe the husband had been assaulted by people who thought he
    had something to do with Mrs. Evans’ disappearance.

    Mr. Barrow said that police were
    investigating the assault and intended to make arrests.

    One man who lives in the area said there had
    been disturbances at the home on July Street before.

    Police could not immediately confirm
    whether they had responded to calls to service at the July Street home
    previously, but family members said Mrs. Evans and her husband had a
    history of disputes.

    Mrs. Evans is
    described as 5’7 ” in height, dark
    complexion, slim build.

    When she
    arrived for work Thursday she was wearing
    blue denim jeans and a dark jacket.

    was carrying a black and white handbag.
    On arrival at work she changed into her uniform – grey pants and a grey
    orange shirt.

    Police have set up a
    dedicated telephone number for any
    information regarding Mrs. Evans disappearance. That number is 526 0911.

    Some garbage collections were carried out
    Friday morning and deposited at the landfill, but
    were later halted as no new materials are being dumped at the landfill
    while the
    search is going on, according to the Department of Environmental



    Missing dump worker

    Anna Evans
    Photo: Submitted