Work permits sent out by email

Licences to work in the Cayman Islands are now being sent out by email once they are approved, a move immigration officials hope will speed the current “snail-mail” notification process with work permit applications.

The new service went into effect last week, immigration officials said.

Work permits are required in Cayman for all foreign nationals who are employed in the Islands.

“This is the first phase of delivering enhanced online services to the Cayman business community,” said Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans. “We are also re-engineering other internal manual processes and introducing technology wherever possible to maximise efficiency and improve turnaround times.

“These difficult economic times force us to think outside the box and come up with solutions that not only save money but allow our limited human resources to be utilized in more productive ways.”

Enhancements being made to the Immigration database, including the introduction of this new email service, create the capacity for approval notification licenses to be sent immediately after a Work Permit Board meeting. Further technical changes will also allow for deferral and refusal letters to be communicated in the same manner.

Companies can then plan accordingly and make faster transitions, immigration officials said, including travel arrangements for workers from overseas.

“This should prove to be a real asset,” Ms Evans said. “The department handled over 21,000 work permit applications last year.”

Ms Evans emphasised that she is seeking support from local businesses in this new email initiative.

“We are asking businesses to send their current email addresses to [email protected] so that we can input them into our database. Wherever possible we prefer non-personal email addresses.”


  1. Its good to know that an effort is being made to increase efficiency. A few points from a layman standpoint:
    1. I was off the impression that employers always had online access to Immigration via a specific access code for each employer. Using this access code, employers could check the status of applications. The introduction of an email message does not in my opinion speed up the process significantly.

    2.Mention is made in the article about limited resources available to immigration department.. this is quite funny as the numerous other articles dealing with the high unemployment rate of Caymanians. Suggestion – please hire some more people.

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