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Legislators reject motion on gay marriage referendum

The Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly voted along party lines Thursday night to oppose a motion that sought a referendum on whether the territory should accept same-sex marriages. All nine government members opposed the motion, while all opposition party and independent members supported it.

PR application, appeal take eight years

A man whose application for permanent residence took more than eight years from the date it was filed to when it was rejected by an appeals body has sued the Cayman Islands government, seeking re-consideration of the case.

Immigration counters to close over holidays

The Department of Immigration has announced it will close its headquarters at 11:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve and reopen at 8:30 a.m. on Dec. 29.

No PR grants yet under new law

More than 500 non-Caymanians have applied for permanent resident status in the Cayman Islands over the past two years under the revised Immigration Law, but so far none have been awarded that status.

Government: ‘Further work’ needed on Immigration Law

The Cayman Islands government will be delving back into certain areas of the territory’s Immigration Law to ensure legal issues raised by the chief justice last month are addressed.

Premier: Staffing plans not working

A change is needed for immigration's business staffing plan regime, the premier says.

Unprecedented access to immigration coming

Work permit holders, Caymanian job-seekers and local businesses will soon have better access to immigration records and employment data.

'Pay to play': Terminations and suspensions

One difference between civil servants and everyone else in the Cayman Islands is a parachute — or, more precisely, a paycheck that keeps showing up regardless if they are showing up for work.

Tichina Rickfield case: Judge says 5-year delay warranted

Grand Court Justice Charles Quin, in a ruling released last week, said that the delays in the Tichina Rickfield case were justified.

Mr. Manderson: Fire away

The deputy governor's written warning to civil servants about customer service is a good first step, but one that is meaningless if he doesn't take the second step.

Work permit secretary found not guilty

An immigration official was found not guilty Tuesday on eight charges relating to work permit issues.

Rickfield trial continues with fewer charges

The trial of Tichina Rickfield, assistant secretary to the Work Permit Board, continues with the defendant facing eight charges of the original 16 charges against her.

Immigration chief's suspension is 'administrative'

The investigation into alleged 'misconduct' by Cayman's top immigration officer could wrap up next week.

Changes put premier in charge of massive ministry

A government ministry reshuffle puts massive responsibility on the premier's shoulders and lightens the load for the former health minister.

Work Permit Board assistant secretary starts new trial on Feb. 2

A new trial is scheduled in February for Tichina Rickfield, who worked for the Work Permit Board, because of a juror becoming ill during the first trial.

Trial starts for work permit board secretary

Jurors began hearing evidence Monday in the trial of Tichina Rickfield, assistant secretary to the Work Permit Board in 2009-10, who is charged with misconduct in public office and making documents without authority.

Immigration office hours

The Department of Immigration announced when it will be closed during the festive season.

Director of immigration boards suspended

A senior immigration official is being investigated over allegations that she put false information on a work permit form.

Work permit reform under way

Major changes are ahead in the Cayman Islands work permit system.

More than 1,000 companies now ‘registered’

More companies are registered with the national workforce agency than are jobless Caymanians.

Many jobless Caymanians not registered

Fewer than half of the Caymanians said to be jobless have registered with the government agency responsible for finding work for those who need employment assistance.

Work permit case takes five years on appeal

Local companies are left in limbo following lengthy appeals of work permit denials.

Ending a sorry chapter in Cayman publishing

Everybody knew and nobody told. We refer, of course, to the despicable behavior of the late publisher of Cayman Net News.

West Bay MLAs want nannies exempted from rollover

Opposition lawmakers want to exempt specialist nurses and caregivers from the rollover policy.

Online job system goes live

A new online database for Cayman Islands employers and job seekers goes live.

PR board hasn't heard any applications under new law

No permanent residence applications under Cayman's new Immigration Law have been heard, nearly five months after the legislation took effect.

Immigration tribunal appeals crowd courts

A number of immigration-related appeals are starting to show up in the Cayman Islands Grand Court.

Ritch chairs CIBC FirstCaribbean

The board of directors of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank appointed David Ritch as its new non-executive chairman.

Immigration Department holiday hours

Be sure to plan around holiday hours for the Cayman Islands Immigration Department.

Gov’t still seeking PR-status board

More than six months after taking office, government has yet to form a key immigration-related board.

Work permit, staffing plan boards named

Two key immigration-related boards get new members.

Rollover bill seeks parity for gov’t workers

Government workers are still exempt from Cayman's rollover policy, but some efforts have been made to even things up a bit with the private sector.

Residency rating system planned

A rating system assessing qualities including workforce skills, community involvement and financial stability is being devised to help adjudicate applications from foreign workers to become permanent Cayman Islands’ residents.

Rollover reprieve for foreign workers

Huge changes are envisioned for Cayman's immigration policies in the coming months.

Legislation moves to create 'Caymanian only' jobs

Some job categories could be reserved for Caymanians only under new legislation allowing political leaders to set quotas limiting work permits for certain professions.

Miller denies wrongdoing

Northside MLA Ezzard Miller has denied any wrongdoing in connection with an allegation about his conduct during his time as chairman of the work permit board.

Sharon Roulstone running in GT

Sharon Roulstone announces her candidacy in George Town.

Grand Court trial dates set

Grand Court trials were set for six matters on Friday.

Immigration lists closing hours

The Cayman Islands Immigration Department announces holiday closings.

Human rights means gov’t must explain itself

The Cayman Islands will undergo major legal changes on 6 November.

Survey: Immigration service getting better

Immigration is getting more service-oriented, but staff attitude and costs still need work.

Immigration staff handles 
19,000 permits

Work permits processing times have improved, and records show completed applications are rarely turned down.

More than 700 apply to extend stay

Hundreds are granted temporary reprieve from Cayman's rollover policy.

New Work Permit Board chief named

Sophia Dilbert is the latest chairperson in government's hottest hot seat.

Immigration has new work permits director

The Immigration Department's new Director of Boards and Work Permits Kimberley Davis took her new job on Monday, 26 March.

65 per cent key employee approval in 2011

Government reveals some surprising immigration numbers on key employee status grants.

Addressing an urgent matter

Writer says there needs to be a standard for Cayman.

Panel: Take immigration, boards out of permit system

Immigration and labour concerns on work permits should be kept separate, members of a debate panel agree.

Gov says rollover ‘suspension’ is law

Cayman's rollover 'suspension' is now law, after the governor brushes aside a constitutional challenge.

Rollover exemption won’t lead to PR

Two-year exemptions from Cayman's rollover policy won't lead to a slew of permanent residence applications.

Opposition: Why suspend rollover?

Opposition lawmakers agree Cayman's immigration system needs a change, but ask why the current one needs suspending.

Editorial for 16 September: Rollover suspension

Suspending the rollover policy is a good decision in light of Cayman's economic situation.

Rollover suspension

Premier McKeeva Bush says he'll seek to suspend Cayman's rollover policy for up to two years.

Editorial 26 July 2011: Musical chairs on local boards

With the running of governemnt becoming increasingly difficult in Cayman, the time has come to consider using professional board members.

Many will want ‘key’

Cayman Islands Work Permit Board members may be hit with Hurricane Ivan in 2011.

Minister: Job placement needs work

Government seeks a better match between employers and Caymanian job seekers.

Work permits sent out by email

Work permit notifications will be sent out via email from now on.

Panel: Cayman needs more people

The only way to fix Cayman’s economy in the short to medium term is to bring more people to the Islands, according to a panel of local business and education leaders.

Work permit board nixes majority of key employees

Cayman's Work Permit Board denied a majority of key employee applications it received between February and October.

Additional changes on key boards

More changes to key immigration and labour boards in Cayman.

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