Additional changes on key boards

The former chairman of the Work Permit Board has been appointed to another potential hot seat and the deputy chairman of another immigration board has resigned his position, according to 
government records.

Former Work Permit Board chair Lemuel Hurlston was appointed last month to lead Cayman’s Water Authority board of directors. He will be the full-time replacement for Jonathan Piercy, who stepped down from the position in early September citing “personal reasons”.

Mr. Hurlston was one of three people to be replaced on the Work Permit Board in November in a shake up that put Immigration Review Team chairperson and local lawyer Sherri Bodden-Cowan in charge.

Mr. Hurlston’s duties as the Water Authority chair will, among other things, now include the oversight and regulation of Cayman’s soon-to-be privatised sewerage system.

Premier McKeeva Bush said last year that no fewer than eight companies had expressed interest in bidding on the sewage system.

According to bid documents, the successful firm will be required to expand the existing system to meet future demands under an exclusive licence. Cayman’s wastewater treatment plant can treat 2.5 million gallons of sewage per day and handles 2 million gallons a day, as well as about 20,000 gallons of partially treated sewage delivered by commercial 
sewage haulers.

Three separate bills that are expected to come before the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly would allow the government to set up a privately run wastewater system on all or part of Grand Cayman.

The proposals give Cabinet members the discretion to determine whether one company is allowed to service the entire Island or whether certain areas will be designated for various providers.

Immigration and labour

A significant change has also been made in Cayman’s Business Staffing Plan Board, another key immigration-related body.

Former deputy board chairman Winston Connolly has resigned from the board. His replacement, Charles Kirkconnell will step in as deputy chairman.

In addition, two new members have joined the Labour Appeals Tribunal, which essentially acts as the private sector arbiter in Cayman’s labour disputes.

New deputy chairperson Annikki Brown was appointed on 24 December, along with another new board member, Mario Ebanks.