Rickfield trial continues with fewer charges

Assistant secretary to work permit board still faces eight charges 

The trial of Tichina Rickfield for allegedly making documents without authority is scheduled to continue Monday. Feb. 16, but with eight fewer charges than when her trial began.  

The Crown’s case against her relates to a period in 2009-2010, when she was a public officer with the Immigration Department and served as assistant secretary to the Work Permit Board. 

On Friday, Justice Charles Quin told jurors he had heard submissions from defense attorney Fiona Robinson and Crown counsel Toyin Salako. He said the Crown was not proceeding with three charges. For five others, he had acceded to the defense argument that there was no case to answer. 

He formally asked jurors to record a verdict of not guilty on these eight charges, which they did. 

Eight charges remain with the jury to return a verdict on, the judge instructed. 

Ms. Robinson then advised that the defendant will not be giving evidence. 

Justice Quin said he wanted to make sure Rickfield was aware of the fact that, if she chose not to give evidence, it would be permissible for the court and the jury to draw reasonable inferences. 

Ms. Robinson indicated that her client was aware. She then read three letters of reference for the defendant. 

Justice Quin advised the jury that one more witness will be called Monday and then both counsel will sum up the case. He expected to address jurors on Tuesday.