Car launches into dealers’ lot, damages Mercedes

The driver of a Silver Kia sedan managed one heck of a parallel parking job Tuesday afternoon in the Autohaus lot off Dorcy Drive in George Town. 

The vehicle apparently came off the road near the Airport Drive roundabout drove up on the sidewalk and launched into the corner of the Autohaus lot, damaging three Mercedes vehicles that were parked there.

The Kia ended up on its left side just between a Mercedes sedan and an SUV. The driver was not seriously hurt and no one was else was around. 

Police were on scene investigating the cause of the wreck. 


  1. WOW!! The curb there must be two feet high. I am really amazed that this car managed to even climb the curb. Very familiar with this corner, no idea how this person got that car up there. Fortunately they are OK…

  2. If someone was on the sidewalk, they would have been killed. Pity the poor dude who ends up buying one of these Mercedes after its been repaired. Will the salesperson be upfront and tell them the side has been bashed in?

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