Visitors robbed on Bare Foot Beach

Royal Cayman Islands Police detectives in Bodden Town have launched an investigation after two American tourists were robbed in the
Bare Foot Beach area.

Around noon Monday, police said the man and woman parked their rental car in a
pathway off the Queens Highway next to Bare Foot Beach, which is located in East End.

A short time later,
as the couple sat on the beach, they were suddenly confronted by three men. All
three had their faces covered by t-shirts and two were armed;  one with a baseball
bat and another with a knuckleduster.

Police said one of the men
grabbed the male tourist, placed him in a headlock and demanded cash. The
victims them handed over a wallet containing a small sum of cash.

As the suspects
were making off from the scene RCIPS investigators said the men smashed the window of the couple’s car
with the baseball bat and stole a camera.

The man and woman
were not injured in the incident – but police said they were left shaken by the ordeal.

Police described the suspects as follows:

The first man was approximately 17 years
old, 5 feet 7″ with a dark complexion. He was wearing a knuckleduster
and a dark blue NBA jersey.

The second suspect was described as about 5 feet 10″. He was wearing short pants and carried
the baseball bat.

The third man was about 6′ and
approximately 165 pounds. He was wearing a white shirt and short pants.

“This is a very remote location and
it’s extremely unusual for an incident like this to take place in the area,” said RCIPS Sergeant Dwayne Jones. “Although the location is out of the way it is entirely possible that someone
travelling on Queens Highway saw the suspects either before or after the
incident. If anyone has information that could assist the enquiry they should
call Bodden Town CID on 947-2220 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).”

The Commander of
the Eastern Districts, Chief Inspector Martin Bodden Jr., has confirmed that
there will be increased police patrols in the area as a result of the robbery. 


  1. See page 2 of todays print edition of the Compass… Tourist Numbers Encouraging. With crimes like this, how long can those numbers keep increasing?

  2. Man oh man,

    This is really bad to read and hard to accept, even for a Caymanian whos left the Cayman Islands forever…

    And has no intention of ever returning there to live.

    We know that the world is now a very unpleasant place in some instances but…

    Did things really have to get this way in Cayman, where some people have no care for the land that sustains them ?

    I feared that this day would come in Cayman, thus the reason to leave Cayman before the storm of violence hit but Cayman can easily exist without people like myself, like we can exist without Cayman but…

    What will happen when the visitors who once loved Cayman, decide, like me, to never again visit its shores.

    There is much sadness written in these comments.

  3. I remember just last year my wife and I sitting on that same beach alone around 2:00 in the afternoon just enjoying the view. We both said to each other, this is Paradise and it happens to be right down the road from where I sunk my retirement money into buying land in hopes of building us a home to enjoy in our later years, what a waste, now all I can think of is how Its scary to say that that could have been us, and it most likely would have been worse because I am not one to give up money so quickly.

    I just for the life of me I cannot understand how things can go down so fast, and its incredible how fast the crime rate is escalating. This is all due to a lack of adequate policing of the island. Crooks are becoming more blatant simply because they know they can get away with this type of stuff and other potential crooks see that everyone else is getting away with it so they figure they can too. They are obviously just cruising the island looking for victims and Im sure tourists seem like easy pickings especially when theres no cops to help or a court system that will put them away for a long time.

    I see district MLAs complaining about new Ports, New Hospitals and upward development of the island, but have yet to see one of them demand a stronger police presence to protect what the Cayman Islands lifestyle is supposed to be, safe. People follow windbag MLAs complaining that development is a threat to Cayman Culture, yet Crime is your biggest problem and I see none of them rallying a cry for more protection from the RCIPS who clearly cannot handle the current growing crime rate on the island.

    What a crying shame. Just out of curiosity I went to several Travel Websites and looked for Comments about the Cayman Islands. I was surprised to see how many people recommend avoiding the Cayman Islands do to Safety Concerns ad they have the nerve to say Tourism is up, doesnt sound like it will be until crime is down.

  4. Something seems to be seriously amiss here. I live in Houston, Texas, for most of the year but I spend a lot of time in the summer in Madison, Indisna. Madison and the environs are about the same population as Grand Cayman. One thing about Madison, being a fairly small community, is that everything that goes on there quickly becomes common knowledge to everyone in the whole area. The police in Madison know exactly who was speeding on Main last night and who may or may not be doing something illegal, pretty much at any give moment. In other words, Madison is small and information travels quickly.

    Ive been to Grand Cayman a lot and I know that Caymanians are a fairly tight-knit community. Im sure that there are a lot of folks who know who accosted the visitors on Bare Foot Beach and the police should also have a really good idea — unless they are living in the stone-age. Do they need some active prodding? The assault should be a fairly simple case to wrap up.

    Grand Cayman seems to be becoming more like Jamaica every day — and belive me, I wont be going back to Jamaica until a lot of changes are effectd.

  5. This incident and the attack at Calico Jacks on the US college student are all over the Cayman Islands forums on Trip Advisor, widely read by read by repeat and potential visitors to Cayman. Forget trying to woo tourists with cruise berths, luxury condos and hotels. Tourists, both middle class and the well heeled, will forgo Cayman in light of the escalating crime. Domestic or local disputes are one thing but deliberate attacks on tourists and criminal activity in the tourist areas will drive us away and, ultimately, rob Cayman of its livelihood, the tourist industry. Cayman has already lost its reputation as a safe destination, families will visit elsewhere. Caymankind? What a crock.

  6. In his The Second Treatise of Government, John Locke wrote that human beings are naturally governed by the Law of Nature, Reason. Those who choose to plot against anothers life, liberty, health or property, however, have chosen to go against Reason and enter into a State of War against mankind. While I cannot pretend to agree with or even fully understand every argument posed by this political philosopher, I do agree that criminals are not acting on Reason and are at war with their fellow man. Acts of violence are not to be tolerated by those acting under the Law of Nature, for it is their natural right to execute this law and bring these criminals to justice….. because obviously the police arent.

  7. Very upsetting to read this, as we also spent time on that beach. Never again. Id rather stay in the cold, secure and away from feral thugs.

  8. My wife and I visit the East End areas often. I almost wish this happened to us because I would have inflicted great bodily damaged to these low lifes.

    Then they would be in jail after a lengthy recovery process in the hospital. There hands would never be able to hold a weapon again.

    I am sick of this nonsense and the public should take this into their own hands. There is simply not enough police presence.

  9. For a handfull of dollars, these thugs are destroying millions of dollars of potential tourism related revenue. Its the lack of crime which is (maybe was) Caymans true unique selling point – STOP THE ROT!!!

  10. Hecate, your post seems to acuse Expats of doing the crimes on the island. The discription on these guys were of young men in thier late teens.

    Curious are there teenage ExPats working on the Island ? Or is it just posible that these are home grown criminals.

  11. This was posted on a Diving Website yesturday by the victims, Its a sad day when this it what people cosidering traveling to cayman to dive read about the Island

    Monday, February 7, 2011***CRIME ALERT*** Cayman Un-Kind

    While I know the incidents and severity of criminal activity on Grand Cayman has been escalating at alarming levels, never did I think I would be impacted. It would always be some other foolish tourist. Well, now I am that foolish tourist.

    During broad daylight, my wife and I were assaulted and robbed while enjoying a day of beach and snorkeling in one of favorite spots on the island, Barefoot Beach. After another couple departed, we had the beach to ourselves. Soon afterwards a group of three young men came down the path and walked towards us. They spoke to us and we thought they were exchanging pleasantries. We said hello and the next thing we knew the three of them surround us and one placed me in a headlock. This is a stick-up. Im thinking what the hell is going on here? Then I see a pair of brass knuckles and another robber brandishes a mini-aluminium baseball bat. Give us your money! Now it sinks in, holy shit we are actually getting robbed!

    We ended up losing 20 and watching as they smashed the windshield on our rental car as they fled. Turns out they broke into the car as well and stole my brand new underwater camera.

    Needless to say I must warn any visitors about their safety at some of the off the beaten path spots described in this blog. It will be a long time before we visit Barefoot Beach again.

  12. Now if Caymans would follow the Second Amendment of the U.S.A. Constitution and allow the right to carry and bear arms and if enough criminal attacks were stopped by armed resistance, perhaps crime would decrease.
    But seriously folk, on the other side of the continent and in the middle of the Pacific, the same thing happens in Hawaii. Tourists are victimized by the local thugs and its been going on for years. Those pale face tourists are fair game, whether it be the Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida or Thailand. Personally I recommend going to Japan, the southern part of the country has safe, clean, wonderful islands, Okinawa is a gem except for the bad behaving U.S. military personnel. There is safety in numbers though is the reality, avoid deserted areas and dont allow yourself to become an unwilling, unsafe victim.

  13. Never mind – the quality tourists stopped coming here long ago. Despite what people here say about our island paradise those in the know figured it out along ago that there were a lot better places to visit than this rock.

  14. The RCIPS seriously need to put a STING operation in place STAT.

    My wife and I find all sorts of neat remote places to beach snorkel and now we have to deal with this nonsense. One shriek from my wife and our 85 lb. Dobie will shred these locals. That would be very rewarding to see instant karma in action.

    PS, when over on the far side we always spend money there.

  15. Hey, this is beginning to sound like my country back home…. Oh right – THATs why I left….

    And P.S. – Hecate was being totally sarcastic NJ2Cay…

  16. My how times have changed on my beautiful island home. Although I no longer live there, Cayman is very special to me. As youngsters, we could walk for miles on the beaches and never have a fear. You could find peaceful solace to watch the sunset, alone and unafraid. When I read of stores and restaurants being robbed, tourists and Caymanians alike being assaulted and robbed or murdered, I am heartsick. This condition was brought home to me a couple years ago when, while my family was staying on West Bay Beach, our condo manager advised us against taking any walks at night. And on this tiny island where at one time, everyone knew everyone, and held each other accountable, this is particularly sad.

  17. I read with great intensity the comments from people who are legitimately concerned about the crime affecting tourists and their visits here. All respondents were making good points and pleaded for action and not hot air. I then came to the comment that all our problems would be solved when we fingerprint all the expats living here ( see comments by Hecate above).Again, find someone else to blame is the battle cry and the Jamaicans are always getting the raw deal. Stop blaming others for the woes of Cayman. Look at the number folks who are commiting the crimes and surprise yourselves.

  18. We share the horror of the folks robbed and defiled on the beach, but dont think this is a new situation! 22 years ago we and two couples we had invited to our home away from home (Plantation Village) were broken into in the middle of the night while we slept and were robbed of over 500,00 CASH!! Lucky we had some hidden or it would have been much more ! !We came back but none of our friends ever will !!!

  19. For gods sake! Sack the Comissioner of Police! Lets get somebody tough in charge, someone who can actually do the job and clean up these punks. We need someone in charge who, instead of polygraph testing his officers and undermining their morale, will get real and allow them to carry firearms and get a grip of these criminals once and for all. They need to shoot a few of these robbers dead and maybe then these young boys will stop running amock like gangsters….

  20. AN easy solution to your crime problems….Hire laid off police officers from the USA for example.. port st lucie florida Just laid off some police due to budget cuts These fully trained officers know what there doing and work for fair wages they can be invited to come for a few weeks at a time each, put up in some vacant apartments ..flown on CAL for free …and those wiley troulble makers will think twice if they knew there was a florida cop lurking around..
    IN the states we know they will make an arrest in a moment
    and let the court decide the rest..NO?? asked just arrest after arrest
    Call the police union in florida and offer some JOBS…and they will come ….and as a last resort bring some cops from the UK

  21. I like the way xoxo thinks. To add a little STING to the equation, bring an equal number of male and female cops from the US. Sprinkle the tourist looking cops to the remote beach sites and let the little terrorist just try to do their dirty deeds. BUSTED

    On another note; cant we just hang a few coyotes on the fence. That would be very effective.

  22. Here is how you do it …in the middle of a roundabout you put a cage and in the cage you put some people (paid actors) to pretend to be criminals …being punished
    Show your children this ….. let the people see what happens when you break the law ….My parents used to drive us past prisons and that was very scarey …taught me that i didnt want to go there …THIS CAN BE DONE and know one needs to know it is fake …..

  23. These post sound quite like the way I would expect neighbors of Rosewood Florida to speak. Put them in cages, hang then from the fence, put the dog on them and tear them to bits, let the children watch. No we dont need any police from Florida thank you, We dont lynch suspects here or tie people to pick-up trucks and drag them through the streets until their head fall off. In keeping with the merits of the 1st Amendment teach your children to refrain from attacks such as those on Columbine High school and – send those police in your ghettos. Yes Japan should be safe now after two nukes put them in their place eh.

  24. To C-on-G, these three hoodlums have the combined IQ of a pumpkin seed. The only thing they would ever understand is physical violence. Sad but true.

    We work hard on this rock and really look forward to the peace and tranquility on the East End and far side for a weekend escape. The folks there are great and everybody gets along fondly. We spend money and everybody is happy.

    Now its been ruined with this nonsense. Where I come from if gang members want to whack each other, nobody cares, cops included, why waste the taxpayers money when we are simply short one more gang member. So what, it was meant to be.

    Mess with the working class folks and you will get the full brunt of the law and or citizenry. That’s the way it works and it works well. Keep the hoodlums corralled in the ghettos.

    Bring on the Florida cops to show you how its done and quit protecting your own.

    I can imagine the downturn in revenue at the lighthouse will be huge. Thats not right just because three stupid pumpkin seeds can wantonly create chaos with blatant disregard for the law since they know it does not apply to them.

    Get more cops and pay them rightful wages to clean this mess up and stop protecting your own along the way.

  25. Bethinking

    Youve made some very valid points here in a very no-nonsense manner.

    One little reminder though; cops follow orders, from the top down to the bottom.

    Who orders the cops is the political directorate and that is the same for Cayman, Florida, England or anywhere else in the world, for that matter.

    Read the news headlines about what Caymans political directorate are doing, what is important to them and where their focus, attention and energies are being directed.

    Do you see any signs that they consider the crime wave Cayman is currently experiencing as being a priority to them ?

    The only headlines Ive read suggest sweeping the problem under the carpet, finger-pointing and blamesharing and trying to convince the rest of the world that all really is well in good ole Cayman; no problem man !

    All the Florida cops in the world will not address or fix this problem while these conditions that Ive stated continue as they are but…

    You are guaranteed that the levels, seriousness and violence of the crimes will continue to increase.

  26. I really feel that the police department is in general poorly trained, not well educated and poorly paid. If we were able to pay more and have more professional management then maybe we could get a police force that was of a higher caliber than we currently have. They too often represent themselves in an unprofessional and rude manner.
    Mean, vindictive, unprofessional and untrustworthy are words that are used too often in reference to the police force. We really need to upgrade the level of new hires and management , then maybe we would get somewhere. At the moment they come off as the Keystone Cops.

  27. RE: Firery

    Thank you and you make some very salient points. When everything was fat, dumb and happy here, it did not matter that the RCIPS simply had their daily little social network and that is about it.

    Now when tasked with solving crimes and showing a real presence, whoa, overload. Not what they really signed up for, is it?

    I agree, it has to come from the top down to make this priority one. But to the point, they must bring in competent outside help to deal with gangs.

    Gang members have the IQ of a pumpkin seed, my dog could out smart them.

    Root out the leaders and bring on the full brunt and relentless pursuit of justice. If not, bring in the big boys from New Jersey to show you how its done.

    Oh, I forgot, they are all buds in the hood, oops. Have to protect their buds.

    Thats BS and those in power need to straighten up and fly right. You booted 5000 expats last year and guess what happened, Caymanian unemployment went up and crime went up. I expect quite a few expats will leave this year because we are no longer welcome.

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