Police: Help us find Anna

Tuesday marked 12 days since the last confirmed sighting of George Town landfill worker Anna Evans, and Royal Cayman Islands Police were asking the public to pull out all the stops to help them find her.

Officers involved in the search for Anna asked homeowners
and business owners to search their outbuildings and land for any sign of the

Mrs. Evans was last seen
at the George Town landfill site around noon on Thursday, 27 January 2011.

For several days
police officers and volunteers searched the landfill site and surrounding
areas. Last week a team of specialist dogs and handlers was brought in from the
US to assist but, despite the extensive search, no trace of Mrs. Evans has been

Her cell phone,
believed to be a black Nokia 1660, is also still missing.

The search of the
landfill has now been completed and the specialist team has returned to the US.

Officers are now in
the process of searching outlying areas of Grand Cayman for any clues that might
help locate Mrs. Evans. 

“There is a huge
amount of land to cover,” said RCIPS Acting Superintendent Richard Barrow. “”That’s
why we are asking communities throughout Grand Cayman to join together today
and join us in the search for Anna. We want everyone to spend some time searching
their outbuildings and their land for any sign of her.

“If, during the
search, you notice anything unusual or suspicious please let us know.”

Officers will be approaching staff in gas stations, supermarkets, schools, government buildings, and commercial premises in the coming days to encourage them to display the posters in prominent positions. 

“We are extremely grateful for the support and the help provided by the public so far in the search for Anna,” Mr. Barrow said.

“Since Anna disappeared the community spirit demonstrated by people throughout the Island has been absolutely outstanding. We need that support to continue as we try to find answers for Anna’s family and establish what led to her disappearance on 27 January. 

“That’s why this poster campaign is so important. We hope that by having Anna’s picture prominently displayed in public places throughout Grand Cayman it may jog someone’s memory, or encourage someone who has information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to call the enquiry hotline.”

Anyone with
information that might assist the enquiry team is asked to call the dedicated
hot line 526-0911.


Anna Evans


  1. Why did not the RCIP take the k-9s to the dike roads in Cayman. Isnt that where most of these crimes end up?

    Like Barkers in West Bay where Estella Scott was carried.

    Obviously the dump is not giving up Anna so why not go to outer districts.

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