LC Trust selling for Rock Iguana

The District of Little Cayman Trust, a branch of the National Trust of the Cayman Islands, is offering novelty Caymanian items for sale at the Craft Market on the waterfront in George Town today, Wednesday and Thursday.

Debby Truchan, chairperson for the District of Little Cayman Trust, said: “We want to educate people about the plight of the Rock Iguana, which is another of the endemic iguanas that live in the Cayman Islands that is almost extinct. It is found only in the Sister Islands and not on Grand Cayman.”

Mrs. Truchan said she will be stationed at the Craft Market selling items such as paintings on coconut mesh, coconut oil, other artefacts and a book that was written about the iguanas on the Brac by Bridget Nassa titled Brenetta and her Menagerie.

“The main thing is to get people to stop feeding them, as it attracts them to where people are, and the chances of them becoming road kill increased around hotels and roads. Also, at mating time, all the adult males tend to be in the same place, which makes for some terrible fights,” said Mrs. Truchan.

Some of the things the National Trust has been able to do in Little Cayman recently include buying 24 acres of land for the Rock Iguanas, in addition to 240 acres for the Red-Footed Booby, as well as upgrading the Trust House for $12,000.

“The house has been structurally and cosmetically restored and we have placed as many indigenous plants around it as we could,” said Mrs. Truchan, who added that, “Anyone who loves Little Cayman should play a part in preserving it.”

There are also plans in the works to create a Public Beach on Little Cayman.

Craft Market Director Jean Smith said the market welcomes the National Trust and other nonprofit organisations at no cost.

“If they need a profile, we are willing to assist and have done the same for private artisans from the Brac as well. As the Craft Market, we have to assist any entity that is trying to preserve Cayman. Arts and crafts play a very important role in our culture, and we would like to see more stuff coming from the Sister Islands.


Debby Truchan with artefacts from Little Cayman.

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