Letters to the Editor: No plan for the future

As we listen to Government talk about so many things lately, we do not hear anything about a future plan to decrease poverty and crime here on our beautiful Cayman Islands.

Instead, all we hear is government plans to make people that are already rich richer.

What will it take for our leaders to wake up and notice the level of poverty and crime that is now gripping these Islands?

More poverty means more crime and as we all see now, day-to-day, the level of crime is rising. Who do you think we should blame for this? I guess the government of the day will blame the past government because all that they have been doing since elected is to blame the past government instead of trying to push this country forward to a better Cayman.

Things are so bad around here that we are now having Cayman women disappear with no answers and robbery is a common day-to-day act.

Where is the plan to eliminate poverty. It cannot be the social services. Where is the prosperity plan? I have not heard any coming from this government. All I can hear is the poorness plan for the people of this Island that worked so hard to uplift themselves from the day of thatch huts to our present lifestyle today.

This government that we have in place now has forgotten these days. As a matter of fact, many in government know nothing about these days I talk about.

But here is a piece of advice to all of you: Pull yourself together and do what you must to place this Islands back on track with the people of these Islands coming first or you will find that crime will get so bad that no one will be really safe anywhere.

Mr. Leader of Government, you should go back and read my letter written 9 November, 2009, ‘Crime wave’. Maybe if you do, you will understand what I am talking about and yes, it was written by me like this and all other letters.

Now it is so bad here in Cayman, stores are closing and many are afraid to open. When we find that being attacked by robbers, even the common man is being robbed in his home.

Sooner than later many people will not want to come here. Then there goes our tourist business and you know what that means for all of us.

So PPM and UDP, once again I am sending you this piece of advice for the future betterment of this country to really bring back united we stand for a better future and a better Cayman.

For if this is not done, we will all perish and really fall. Remember Cayman, 1960 Cayman crime free; Cayman 2011, crime out of control. It does not take much to see Cayman in civil unrest when we have people in government that will not listen to the people of the country and which has lost touch with what is really going on.

We need to send these people a wake up call, although many of them do not know what a wake up call means.

Anyway, I am asking the people of this country to let the members of the government know that they are our servants, not the masters. Do not hide in your corners and complain. Let them know you are hurting and to all of those that are fed up and have turned to crime, please stop the crime wave; stop the violence.

Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Emile S. Levy

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