Assault case trial set for next month

Charges related to alleged assault against DOE officers

George Frederick Miller will stand trial on Tuesday, 1 March, for eight charges relating to an incident involving officers of the Department of Environment in the South Sound area on 16 February.

Miller, 53, appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, 22 February, from custody.

He pleaded “guilty with explanation” to some of the charges, including taking a DOE vehicle from the scene without the owner’s consent and assaulting police.

Facts of the assault, as put to him by Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale, were that he spat at two police officers after they arrested him in the Eastern Avenue area.

The magistrate did not ask for his explanations. Instead, she ordered the early trial after concluding that Miller was an unlikely candidate for bail.

Miller pleaded not guilty to threatening to kill three DOE officers and common assault against two of them.

The marine conservation charges against him include taking conch and lobster from a replenishment zone, taking more than the daily limit and possession of an unlicensed spear gun – specifically, a hook stick.

The implement was described as a steel bar with a hook, but Miller denied having such an item.

He was not represented by an attorney, and the magistrate explained that none of these charges attracted legal aid.

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