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A Cayman rum distillery is planning to expand its operations with a new facility that owners say will create an extra 20 jobs.

The Cayman Islands Distillery, makers of Seven Fathoms Rum and Governor’s Reserve, announced that the company intends to move to a larger production facility in order to keep up with demand for their product.

The new location is yet to be disclosed, but Cayman Islands Distillery say it will, when fully deployed, create 20 new jobs at a 5,600 square foot, tour party-friendly location.

The company indicated in a release to the media that it would seek to employ as many Caymanians as possible.

They are also looking for a Caymanian with an interest in becoming a distiller-in-training. Co-founder Walker Romanica talked about the jobs that will be available at a planned new facility.

“Engineer, tour guides, sales and marketing, bookkeeper, delivery people, administration. People with mechanical, chemistry or biology backgrounds are all ideally suited to work in the distillery.”

Export deal

Seven Fathoms Rum is so called as it is matured in barrels 42 feet underneath the Caribbean Sea.

Initially available only at one island location, the rum is now available in the United Kingdom through distributor and retailer Whisky Exchange.

A deal for the United States has recently been signed with Boca Raton-based exporters Luxe Vintages.

“Feedback from Luxe has been very positive. They are in the process of adding retailers and distributors and tasting the product with spirits industry people around the US.

So the exposure for the distillery and for Cayman is growing every day,” said Mr. Walker.

Governor’s Reserve products include gold, white and coconut rum.

A spiced rum and a dark rum may be launched in the coming months, said the distillers, who are also planning to introduce a vodka line and a Sticky Toffee Rum Cake in conjunction with the Seven Mile Sticky Toffee Rum Cake company.

“There are no official release dates on the dark, spiced or vodka. However, they are all in development.

“Lucky visitors on the distillery tours sometimes get a sample of the new flavours in development, some of which may be ultimately released and some not,” said Mr. Romanica.

Tours popular

Tours have proved popular at the current location, he said, with visitors intrigued as to how rum is made.

“Most people do not have any idea. People are surprised to find out that all rum begins its life as a clear spirit and later gets its colour from the barrel.

Another common surprise is that rum is typically aged in barrels that were formerly whisky or bourbon barrels.”

Co-founder Nelson Dilbert said the warm reception the company had received since its inception in 2007 had been overwhelmingly positive.

“It is the encouragement from the resident and business community here that has kept us moving forward and expanding into other spirits.”

The new distillery will be up and running in addition to the current location at Hammerheads restaurant.


Nelson Dilbert and Walker Romanica are planning significant expansion and a new distillery building.
Photo: Joe Shooman


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