Suite musical success at Mardi Gras on Little Cayman

One of the many highlights of the Little Cayman Mardi Gras Parade and Party on 26 February was the night event with food, music and dancing.

“We wanted to say thanks to the community for the efforts it goes to in fundraising for Little Cayman National Trust, in addition to contributing to our fantastic community spirit,” says Kimberley Dangerfield, operations manager at the Little Cayman Beach Resort, where the event was held.

“The Little Cayman Beach Resort had received sponsorship from Cayman Airways and Scuba Schools International to bring over local band Suite Elite to really make a fun and vibrant party of the evening event,” she says.

Southern Cross, Pirate’s Point and Paradise Villas also contributed to make the event possible.

“The food, donated by all the resorts, was great, the music by Suite Elite was wonderful, and the cause (National Trust) was worthy, but what made the event is it all came together as the good work of a truly caring community that we are on this precious island, Little Cayman,” says Debbie Truchan, chairman of the Little Cayman district of the National Trust.

The fundraising dinner tallied US$3,900, the largest amount raised through Mardi Gras in Little Cayman thus far, according to Dangerfield.

“We look forward to many more occasions such as this in the future and want to remind guests visiting Little that we have as much fun above water as we do below,” she says.

The Suite Elite Band rocked the night with hit song after hit song while everyone munched on a delicious homemade meal.

The band’s lead singer, Pam Burgess, says she was grateful that Cayman Airways flew in all of her gear, and the National Trust and Scuba Schools International sponsored the gig.

“It was amazing. To be able to fly over to Little Cayman and play a show, it meant a lot to the band,” she says.

The rock/pop group that Burgess considers a corporate dance band plays everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama to Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas.

They were a hit on Little Cayman, and they play once a month on Grand Cayman.

In fact, their next show is coming up on Saturday, 12 March, at Elements Ultra Lounge at the Strand, where they play exclusively once a month. The following show will be on Saturday, 9 April.