Clough brothers love their rallies

Joining the PwC junior tennis circuit is just the latest sporting challenge embraced by John-Ross Clough, nine, and brother Harrison, seven.

The two wielded their racquets in 2011’s second PwC junior tournament last weekend.

Having taken up the game four years ago, they’re now playing four days a week with coaches Dale Avery, Adam Bayley and Rob Seward at the CI Tennis Club.

Trouble is, say parents Dr. Ginny Hobday and Richard Clough, the boys’ sporting interests don’t stop there.

They’re both regulars on the football and rugby pitch and love golf, roller hockey and swimming.

And John-Ross features at the sailing club when he’s not indulging in his favourite hobby, photography, or practising the piano.

The Clough boys, of Cayman Prep, could be the latest in a long line of successful tennis-playing brothers on the PwC circuit.

They join the likes of Alex and Nicholas Leonard, Morgan and William Hayward, Daniel and Marc Reid, and Matteo, Nicholas and Luca Polloni.