New manager for 
scholarship unit

Online scholarship application readied

The recently restructured Scholarship Secretariat is moving forward with a new face at its helm.

Following a competitive recruitment process, Deirdre Seymour has been named the unit’s new manager.

The chief officer of the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment, Mary Rodrigues, welcomed Ms Seymour to the Scholarship Secretariat team, noting that her appointment completes the unit’s redevelopment.

“Because the scholarship programme is so critical to the continued education of our students, we’re really happy to have her on board,” she said. “Already, she’s spearheading the launch of an online scholarship application system, and we’re excited about that.”

As a former trust and corporate professional, Ms Seymour has 20 years of customer service and managerial experience.

She has also served as both member and chairperson of several home-school and parent-teacher associations and recently served on Cayman’s Education Council.

Her appointment brings the staff complement to three.

They are committed to ensuring an appropriate return on investment from those who earn government-sponsored academic scholarships, according to the Secretariat’s announcement.

Ms Seymour’s responsibilities include providing strategic and operational direction for the unit, monitoring and tracking scholarship recipient progress and improving efficiency and effectiveness levels.

Falling under the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment, the Scholarship Secretariat serves some 1,000 post-secondary and tertiary education students on overseas and local scholarships, as well as on local education grants.