FIFA like how we reach goals

The Cayman Islands Football Association brought over FIFA Course Instructor Hugo Salcedo last week to conduct a FIFA Club Administration and Management Course at the UCCI Executive Training Centre.

Salcedo has been an instructor in this capacity for over a decade and is a regular to Cayman. This time he extended his knowledge to 18 participants drawn from the affiliated CIFA club executive members.

The four-day course finished with a closing ceremony in the presence of FIFA Development Officer for the Caribbean Daryll Warner.

Salcedo is a retired player in the US. He coached at the collegiate level and has spent over 30 years in various executive positions with FIFA, USSF and Major League Soccer.

He attended the University of California at Riversdale where he played from 1967-69.

He holds the school’s single season assist record.

He also played for the Compton Soccer Club at the time of the 1972 Summer Olympics. He graduated from UC Riverside with a degree and later earned a masters in psychiatric social work from the University of Southern California.

In 2005, Salcedo was hired by Proactive Sports Management, the leading agency representing US soccer players and in 2008, he was awarded the Jerry Yeagley Award for exceptional personal achievement.

Salcedo said: “This course was for presidents, secretaries and technical directors and to help them get to the next stage of club administration.

“They passed because this course was all about participation and to let us know what their needs are and to move into whatever stage that may be. And I’m very pleased to know that the Cayman Islands is trying to move into the next stage.

“They want to better their clubs and have more games internationally and to work with the youth, which is very important to us.

“I was very impressed with the set up here. This is my third time here and this course was the most interactive. I may be back but it may not necessarily be me because now we’re moving into marketing and executive levels. Maybe somebody else from FIFA will be back.”

Salcedo is impressed with the set up in Cayman football. “It’s at a good stage. They have tried to move on up for four years and it is much better.”

Cayman’s football scene is as competitive as ever. Elite are on the verge of winning the league title, George Town are Digicel Cup champs again and favourites to also retain the FA Cup and last season’s league champs Scholars International are in transition but still a good team.

Jeffrey Webb, president of the Cayman Islands Football Association, said: “We identified that to progress we needed to improve the standards within our clubs. From the administrative standpoint we need to improve, evolve and give them the tools to develop in terms of their marketing and event planning and general strategic long-term planning.

“We want to give them the tools to get bigger and stronger and become more viable and to recognise that running a club is like running a business. They need to develop best practices amongst their members.

“The course was very hectic and people had to take time off work. They really had to make an intense commitment to do that. We’re happy that 10 member clubs were able to do that. Some clubs unfortunately couldn’t do that but we hope to continue to work with those clubs and to pass on the education as well.

“Hugo has been here a number of times. He was here four years ago when we did the strategic planning course and he’s seen the progress we’ve made. We’ve put up a report card today about the accomplishments we’ve achieved since 2004 and 98 per cent of those have been attained.

“A few of those are still in progress but definitely we are on the right track. We also used this forum today to highlight the 10-year plan.

We discussed with the members the strategic long-term plan for CIFA, for the Cayman football community in all aspects, including club, grassroots, youth and women’s football.

“We’re putting together now a 20-20 plan that will take football until the year 2020.”


Front, from left, Daryll Warner (FIFA development office), Jeffrey Webb, Hugo Salcedo. Second row, Gregory Ebanks, Mark Campbell, Kennedy Ebanks, Martha Godet, Albon Ruiz, Carlos Connolly, Beverly Melbourne. Third row, Anthony Ramoon, Clara Watler, Ernie Seymour, Carl Brown, Marcus Tinoco, Thiago Cunha. Back row, Neil Prendergast, Alastair Kay, Kennedy Kelly, Ariel Tatum and Paul Macey.