Letters to the Editor: Expectant mothers have another choice

In the front page article in yours newspaper of 16 Marc, 2011, titled ‘Obstetricians insurance rates out of control’, it is repeatedly stated that if some of the six private obstetricians and gynaecologists working in the Cayman islands were to stop delivering babies, the remainder of those in private practice would have a greater workload, thus putting patients more at risk if the obstetricians are busier and more tired.

In the editorial of the newspaper of 17 March, it is again reiterated.

I feel that the Cayman community, especially expectant parents, should be made aware that they do have other options for obstetric care on the Island besides private obstetricians.

There are three obstetricians employed at the Health Services Authority Hospital in Grand Cayman and one at Faith Hospital on Cayman Brac, as well as approximately 18 registered nurse midwives employed in the maternity unit.

All of these highly trained professionals have a multitude of years of experience between them to enable them to deliver babies safely.

The midwives deliver babies of low risk pregnancies that can be delivered normally and the obstetricians deliver babies of high risk pregnancies who need to be delivered by instrumental or surgical methods. These midwives are the same ones who care for all the patients of the private obstetricians while they are in labour.

Mothers do have the right to choose their healthcare provider, but this should be an informed choice after all options are made available to them.

Annie Mae Roffey