Editorial for March 24: Give Crime Stoppers a hand

Cayman Crime Stoppers is in need of some fresh blood.

And it also needs more community involvement.

The Chamber of Commerce formed the group in 1993 to help police fight crime.

By calling the toll free telephone number of 800-TIPS, people can give information about crimes committed in the Cayman Islands.

The telephone is answered by someone in Florida and all calls are strictly confidential.

If the information given to Crime Stoppers results in the arrest and conviction of a perpetrator, an award of up to $1,000 can be given.

The organisation is privately run and is not-for-profit. It’s existence depends on men and women in the community to dedicate their time and talents.

It also relies on corporate sponsorship to be able to pay the rewards.

Unfortunately there aren’t enough members of the public who have either joined the group or who are willing to serve on its board.

Those that are members of Crime Stoppers are dedicated to making our community safer.

So Crime Stoppers is making an appeal to people in the Cayman Islands that are concerned about crime here.

The group also needs someone to help it become more technical savvy to update the Crime Stoppers website and help with social media.

The great thing about Crime Stoppers is its ability to take information from anonymous callers.

Citizen cooperation often is the missing link in solving crimes. Witnesses fearing retribution may be afraid to come forward as a code of silence protects criminals and threatens neighbourhoods.

That continues to be a problem in the Cayman Islands.

Surely friends and family members of those who have committed crimes know who the perpetrators are.

By not coming forward with information, they are merely letting crime escalate.

Police aren’t all-knowing or all-seeing; they need the public’s help to solve crimes.

And Crime Stoppers needs the help of the community to continue offering its services.

If you can help email  [email protected] or call 949-8090