Reid takes belts up a notch

The Cayman Associated Schools of Karate-do’s recent grading for its junior members was another great success with a number of students of Sensei Greg Reid excelling.

The club runs beginner, intermediate and black belt programmes year round at King’s Sports Centre, with students receiving a chance to compete nationally and abroad.

The style of karate taught is WADO, which is one of the four largest styles of karate in the world. CASK is affiliated with WADO Karate Association of Canada and Shintani Karate-do. Reid was based in Canada for years before reaching these shores.

“The grading was amazing,” Reid said. “We separated the youths into two groups. The early class grading was for white, yellow and orange belts, followed by a session for the green, blue and brown belts. We had a total of about 60 youths grading and several junior brown belts helping out and doing mock examinations.”

Reid was pleased that despite his stringent standards, he was able to pass all the youths. “Their overall physical improvements were astounding. By separating the classes this has helped all the children set and redefine their goals.

“All of them want to be great black belts in karate and life. I have worked very hard with them to set a high level. Arun Abraham and Shodan Matthew Whittaker have been instrumental in helping the youth organisation work towards the vision of the best karate possible.

“It is very difficult to say who is the most improved, but certainly Tameka Cox, Robert Rutkowski, Dominic Owens and Jaedyn Hanna, who are all brown belts, are leading the group. We have set a goal of a possible junior black belt examination this December.”

The senior class is doing well too, says Reid. “It is my hope that out of this programme we will develop the national team training programme. This programme will develop athletes who will have the ability to represent our country in the future at the world championships and other top tournaments.”

CASK Karate will be busy in the coming months. “We are planning both another junior, coed adult and women’s graduation in June. Also we will be having more leadership days for the children. This encourages them to be responsible and helpful in our community.”

For more information on CASK Karate, go to www.caskcayman.comor call 925-3367