Rundown a cauldron of laughs

This year’s edition of the rollicking comedy Rundown, now playing at the Harquail Theatre, is a bellyful of laughs, and everyone should make the effort to attend.

The show is an arsenal of funny material that pokes fun at everyday problems and challenges of life in the Cayman Islands.

To get the cauldron bubbling, writer and director Henry Muttoo mixes potent ingredients: Cayman’s expat society, several political opponents, two over-the-hill radio talk-show hosts on a call-in programme, a drunk, some marital battlers, one ‘Ital Yardie’, a suave salesman, Billy Adam chronicles and some very confusing directions.

The result is a hilarious pot of laughs and collection of jokes taking place in Flo Flo’s rundown back yard.

The players

Quincy Brown thrills the audience with his resonant singing and mimicry; Consuelo Ebanks, Morgan Da Costa, Alan Ebanks, Lorna Bush, Leroy Holness, Rita Estevanovich, Priscilla Pouchie, Judy Singh, Michael McLaughlin, Fritz McPherson, Evelyn Walsh, Giselle Webb and Mike and Steve McTaggart work well with each other on stage as they set the mood for the audience with their verbal jousting.

The skits

Most of the skits in the show will definitely make you laugh. Political opponents Mac and Kurt, played by Quincy Brown and Mike McTaggart, spar in a singing match of I did it my Way, which gives a good laugh at Cayman’s political drama in the bid for a better Island.

Rooster’s talk show announcers Austin and Gilbert – here, on Cock Crow and portrayed by Quincy and Michael McLaughlin – was the bomb. “They had the impersonating down pat,” said audience member Cecile Collins.

It was obvious the performers were thoroughly enjoying themselves as they poked fun at one another. Consuelo Ebanks proclaiming she wasn’t dead, Lorna Bush losing all patience with an expat’s lack of English-language skills, and an ‘Ital Rasta’ wanting his Cayman Airways pilot licence.

To enjoy the show, one only has to have a sense of humour. The enthusiasm of the cast bringing to light the funny ways of Cayman society makes for an enjoyable evening.

The show is produced by Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

It continues Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 6pm through 10 April.

Tickets $20 are available at the CNCF office, Funky Tangs and Fosters, or visit the website at or call 949-5477.