Fitness programme 
gets under way

The Ministry of Health and Public Health Department wants people to get walking to improve their health as part of a new national fitness campaign.

Be Fit Cayman, which launched on World Health Day on 7 April, is a preventive programme to promote awareness of healthy habits that can combat diabetes, hypertension and other lifestyle diseases.

“Our campaign delivers a positive message that it is within everyone’s reach to make changes for a healthier life,” said Health Promotion Officer Therese Prehay.

“Adjustments needn’t be overwhelming or drastic. Through small corrections, people can see big differences. For instance, we can cut down on fast food, walk around the block and drink more water; all these will deliver many health benefits,” she said.

One local walking group, Fit Friends, is already supporting the campaign.

“Presently we meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at difference locations. We hope to make this an island-wide occurrence in which every neighbourhood will eventually have its own group of walkers,” said nurse Hazel Gordon-Fletcher, who is spear-heading this aspect of the campaign.

In addition to Fit Friends, Public Health staff members are promoting workplace wellness programmes while also maintaining quarterly diabetes education courses.

“We believe information is key, and therefore public education is a vital part of the Be Fit Cayman campaign. Through the workplace wellness movement, we also hope to sensitise people to knowing their ‘health numbers’, such as body mass index, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels,” Ms Prehay said.

More information on this campaign, 
as well as the Fit Friends schedule, 
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