Letter to the Editor: Digital sign distracting

At last Cayman seems to be
on the verge of catching up with the rest of the world and doing something
about the obvious distraction of allowing drivers to use cell phones.

So what now appears on one
of our most dangerous roads but mobile digital advertising screens. You do not
need to be a student of highway safety to realise that these are going to cause
drivers to be distracted.

Who has allowed such an
obvious hazard to be installed? Can not whoever was responsible for letting
them be put in place do something about having them removed before they cause
yet another fatal accident on West Bay Road?


  1. Could not agree more – just when we were cleaning up all sorts of signs this thing appears. It is my understanding the CPA did not approve it and why it is still there is a mystery.

    And apart from the distraction it looks terrible – gaudy and certainly inconsistent with what we are trying to promote as an island.

  2. Surely you’re joking. Maybe you do need a course in highway safety.

    The rest of the world has digital and static billboards on nearly every single motorway where traffic speeds are double and sometimes triple the limit on West Bay Road. Nevermind the fact that there are literally dozens of banners lining West Bay Road from Cemetery Beach to Eastern Avenue, and those aren’t even in the direction of traffic! By this logic we should also chide the police for their Speed Limit digital sign. I know many people who try to get the high score on that one!

    If you’re so ADD to be distracted by a digital billboard facing you that isn’t in the direct path of your vehicle, then take your Adderall and stay at home, because obviously YOU are the problem.

  3. I don’t find the digital billboards to be objectionable at all. And I take issue with the shaky ground upon which Mr. Tustin has laid out his argument. To say that this one thing is an obvious distraction needs to be qualified and not blindly accepted.

    And another thing. There are distractions all around us as we drive the island! Seems a little reactionary to go after these digital billboards.

    Rotary bus shelters contain advertising, and there are five or so banners hanging from The Attic @ Queen’s Court Plaza, and on fences at roundabouts.

    Further, if I’m driving and I see Kirky walking down the street and I stare too long a him and get into an accident, did Kirky cause it? Should we ban Kirky from West Bay Road?

    As much as I love Kirky, I’d much rather see a full colour display along the side of the road that I can glance at, and then return my gaze to the vehicle in front of me.

    I feel that one should focus their energies on getting people to stop using their mobile phones without headsets and to stop text messaging instead of complaining about something that really isn’t such a big deal.

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