Letter to the Editor: Sic him, Fido!

It seems like our bank robbery season is starting early this

A consistent theme is the helplessness of the bank security
guards when confronted with armed robbers. A sure way to stop these robberies
is to give the guards some teeth – canine teeth, that is.

I would suggest the banks have a trained attack dog with handler
stationed at their entrances. These robbers are cowards, used to having
innocent people cowering before their guns, but an attack dog will not be
deterred by any weapons, and you will soon see these robbers running for their
lives, without any money.

This method of security has been in use for years by one
well known group of duty free stores in central George Town, and despite having millions of
dollars of jewellery on display they have yet to suffer any attempt at robbery.
This speaks for itself.

Bring on the dogs!


  1. A good suggestion; however, with a couple of questions to it.

    These are:

    Any bank robbery protection plan must be supported by direct police action in a timely manner; the response to bank and other robberies from the RCIPS has been in question and the recent comments by the CoP on the issue does not invoke confidence.

    It does not matter whether there are security dogs and their handlers present at banks; if there is no police support and intervention, this will be as ineffective as anything in place now.

    Another question surrounds the public’s response to security dogs within the environs of a bank where many people come and go on a daily basis; will the public be supportive of such a measure ?

    Another question or fact is; man with gun vs dog, no competition, dog gets shot the moment his handler releases him, and probably handler gets shot as well, if man with gun is serious about his business of robbing the bank and escaping.

    I maintain that a 6-month targeted undercover police operation within the banks will bring that one confrontation that will put a stop to this madness;armed undercover police within the banks, robber walks in with his gun in hand or pulls it out, he gets shot immediately by the police…

    Guarantee you, end of majority of bank robberies; why ?

    Robbers will never know where and when the police could be waiting in a bank on them.

    Nontheless, your suggestion is worth a try; it could deter some coward robbers, as you call them but will not deter a serious criminal who intends to rob the bank at any cost.

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