Today’s Editorial for April 11: A proportional response

The United
States military has a strategy called
“proportional response”.

What proportional response means is that military forces
make responses according to the threat faced. For example, they don’t drop an
atomic bomb on a country when somebody takes a US citizen hostage. Negotiation is
typically the preferred alternative.

There are, we believe, certain individuals in Cayman who
should also employ the proportional response technique.

For example, having North Side Legislator Ezzard Miller
bring a motion for the criminal prosecution of the Caymanian Compass and one of
its reporters simply because he didn’t like one of our stories and editorials
is, in our opinion, not a proportional response.

We can also point to the following recent quote from Cayman
Stock Exchange Chairman Anthony Travers: “….fewer column inches should be attributed
[in the Financial Times] to the delusional rantings of those extreme left-wing
social engineers Messrs [John] Christensen and [Nick] Shaxson”.

The above individuals Mr. Travers names are not fans of
places like the Cayman Islands and they do indeed often make statements that
are purposely misleading or flat-out wrong about Cayman. But to resort to
name-calling and insults in response every time people like Mr. Shaxson or
Richard Murphy make a comment Cayman doesn’t like only detracts from the substance
of the response.

These mildly amusing, amateur-hour public relations
exercises don’t convince serious readers of anything, but instead only attract
people who only want to see what outrageous insults Mr. Travers or Mr. Murphy
et al fling at each other next.

Don’t get us wrong; someone should be countering the
incorrect media reports about Cayman when they occur, and Mr. Travers is just
about the only one carrying out this needed and noble fight for us. By the same
token, we have no problem with legislators like Mr. Miller, or anyone else for
that matter, taking intelligent umbrage with something we have written.

We just think people should use proportional response in
their objections.