Wax museum’ comes alive

Parents and teachers at
Triple C School recently had the opportunity to see the Queen, a famous
president and even one of the world’s most talked about inventors.

More than 29 Grade 2 to
Grade 8 students dressed up as historical figures to give spectators a glimpse
into their acclaimed lives through individual presentations.

When his ‘button’ was
pushed, Grade 4 student Dillion Harper, dressed as Abraham Lincoln in a high
top hat, came alive in the Living
Wax Museum. “I served as
the 16th president of the United
States from March 1861 until my
assassination in April 1865,” he said during a three-minute presentation. “I
chose to represent this great president because he was one of the greatest
presidents of all time and I admire him.”

To carry out the
exhibition, students first picked a person from history who they thought had
qualities that matched their personality. They then did extensive research on
the person. After gathering all the facts, students worked at home to come up
with biographies on their chosen person. The findings were condensed into note
cards from which they gave presentations.

4 teacher Marty Minton said she was thrilled the students  did so well.

students did far better than I thought they would. They were excited about
their topics and chosen persons, and the parents were also thrilled to see what
their children were capable of doing,” she said.

Jones, one of the most popular movie characters, was selected by second-grade
student Noah Granger. “I choose this famous person to imitate because he likes
to explore and discover new things,” said Noah.

4 student Enzaghi Bush looked smashing in his pilot uniform, dressed as Chesley

rose to fame when he successfully ditched US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson
River off Manhattan, New York City, on January 15, 2009, saving
the lives of all 155 people on the aircraft. I choose to represent this brave
man because I too want to be a pilot and accomplish a great feat.”

Other characters

well-knowns, such as Queen Elizabeth, Abraham Lincoln, Princess Caroline,
Amelia Earhart, Charles Schulz, Grace Kelly, Walt Disney and Amelia Earhart
were but a few of the 30 famous people on display,

was widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time and
perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived. I died in 1519,”
said Ammani Battiste, dressed as Leonardo da Vinci. “I choose to represent this
great man because I also like to paint and draw.”

moved from student to student bringing them alive to give a two- to
three-minute talk on the famous person on display.

Tatum said Albert Einstein was an interesting person because he was one of the
greatest geniuses of all times.

Ashby said she had a lot in common with Queen Elizabeth, “She was born a day
before me, she plays the piano, we like the same fruit drinks, I love her face
on the Cayman money because she is popular.


Ammani Battiste dressed as Leonardo da Vinci.
Photo: Jewel Levy