Digicel offers 
cloud technology

Digicel has introduced its Digicel VOC initiative, which will provide virtual office clouds to businesses in the Cayman Islands in conjunction with international IT managed service provider Ignition.

The company has partnered with Digicel to offer on-demand services solely on the Internet.

Cloud-based technology is essentially the ability to store all of a company’s data on a virtual server, thus eliminating the cost of buying such hardware, as well as maintenance. Other benefits include remote access at a substantially reduced cost, as well as easy and time-saving new applications and upgrades and energy conservation, Digicel says. With cloud technology, paying for servers that age and malfunction, software programmes that must be continually updated and re-licensed and technicians who come out to troubleshoot the system are issues of the past, Digicel says.

Applications such as Microsoft Windows, Exchange and Office arrive from a remote central system and programmes are delivered through the Internet.

Digicel VOC primarily targets small- to medium-sized businesses and will allow companies to access the latest software and run it on their own applications without incurring the costs or having to become IT experts, Digicel says.

Also, when applications and files are cloud based, they are always available from anywhere via the virtual office cloud, the company states.

According to Ignition’s Senior Vice President Michael Branco, Ignition has 20 employees in the Cayman Islands.

“Cloud-based technology has been around now for about six to seven years and we have been investing in it for about three years. The breakthrough in the market came with the advent of bandwidth, as this facilitates the concept of cloud based data storage and systems. That is where Digicel comes in,” he said.