The excuse demon

So he has visited your house too and so early in the year; that dear excuse demon. Trust me, I know him very well and a dapper man he is too! Singing his melodious tune of doldrums and strumming his guitar to the harmonious sound of why you can’t do what you wanted to do all along.

He even has you dancing around with him acting all giddy and crazy and still wasting even more time. So take a moment and have a party with your friend because clearly he does need some attention. He deserves some respect because he has been around a long time. He has wallowed with you at your pity party so many times and has even set the table for you and fed you grapes one at a time. Laugh with him, drink soda with him, lay your head on his shoulder and have a jolly old time with him and then, just like the garbage, get him out of your house before he stinks up the place!

Excuses have no place in a successful or success filled world so enough with them. Excuses hinder you and have you believing all sorts of stuff that isn’t true! You can’t because; he can’t treat you right because; I don’t want to be promoted because; school can’t happen right now because!

Because what?

Because you are too busy partying too long with that excuse demon and he has stolen all hope from you!

You CAN start right now to do what you have always wanted to do.

Yes you can. Barrack Obama did and so can you!

The will to achieve starts from within and when there is a will there is always a way.

Today you choose what you will believe about what you can achieve and then just do it. If it is going back to school then do it; UCCI is waiting for you to get in contact with them.

If it is learning to drive, then call Mr. Graham or one of the other incredible teachers. If it’s learning to dance then go to KRI dance studio, Miss Jackie, Susa Barnes or any of the other ones on Island. You have something to say and want to be a guest on a radio show call the incredible Dwayne Sterling, he loves to share the mic with folks. You want to travel to far away places but are on a budget call your local travel agent to see what they can come up with! You can if you want to is all I am saying so ask yourself what is stopping you.

The “I didn’t because or I can’t because or maybe I shouldn’t because” are all bad songs; so stop singing them! The good tunes start with, I will, I can, I have and I did, because, because, because. Can’t you even hear the Dixie Chicks playing the banjo and fiddle to those words.

So today, schedule your farewell to pity and excuses party, invite your negative friends and along with your honoured guest Mr. Excuse Demon party the night away.

Have lots of apple cider and toast to the end of that friendship making promises that you will call if you ever need them again with your fingers crossed behind your back that you will never ever make that call again. And then get on with living, dreaming, hoping, planning and doing. Because you can and with focus, skill and perseverance, you surely will; sprinkle in a dose of faith and prayer and seal the deal.

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