Editorial for 27 April: Campers leave beaches messy

Easter is always a special time in the Cayman Islands.

Many Christians attend church services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, spending time reflecting on the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ.

It’s also a time for families and friends to catch up over the long holiday weekend, with many paying tribute to the time honoured tradition of camping on Cayman’s beaches.

It’s nice to travel from camp to camp to chat and catch up on the past year’s activities, to share in food prepared on a caboose and raise a glass in toast of the occasion.

Those who live near the beaches where campers set up their tents know to drive cautiously in those areas and be patient.

What isn’t pleasant each year about the Easter holiday and the tradition of camping is the poor condition in which some campers leave our beaches.

Many of us travelled past some of those beaches Tuesday morning on our way back to our offices and shops.

What we could see of the abandoned camp sites on some beaches was litter and filth.

Trash was strewn about on some beaches and in instances where the campers did bag up their trash, the bags were left on the beach for the wildlife to contemplate.

Camping is a Caymanian tradition. It’s known that most expats don’t take part in the exercise, so one could assume that the trash was left on the beaches by Caymanians.

We should be ashamed of littering the beaches in our own homeland. We should have more pride.
There are still some people taking this short work week to continue to camp.

It is our hope that they have a good time, but that they clean up after themselves when their holiday on the beach comes to an end.

Many in the Cayman Islands celebrated Earth Day last week and there will be an Earth Day festival at Camana Bay today. In this country we should be celebrating – and keeping clean – the Earth and especially our beaches – on a daily basis.


  1. We all want campers to cleanup after themselves.Since their mother don’t live there!
    But the reality is that this does not happen and it never will.
    The prison inmates should be cleaning up the public beach they are living off the people’s money so its time to delegate this work of cleaning up the beaches after major holidays, yes its the prisoners duty to cleanup after the public. RCIP needs to make sure they are heavily guarded they may have a canoe waiting to escape so it must be carefully organized.

  2. The fact is that people need to clean up after themselves, it no one’s responsibility to cleanup you mess but your own. If people can’t clean up after themselves that camping privilege needs to be taken away. People say they have rights to do this on eater, they must also think they have the right to ruin and litter these pristine beaches. There should be a fines givin for leaving your litter behind

  3. I am assuming people clean up after themselves at home – why should camping be any different? Clean up after yourselves campers – you are spoiling a good thing!

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