Little auction gets big support

Bidders raised more than $20,000 at the National Trust’s auction on Little Cayman Saturday night.

A wide array of artwork, crafts, jewellery and ornaments were on sale for the live auction, while buyers picked up some good bargains in the silent auction.

Chairman of the Little Cayman District National Trust Debbi Truchan said that, although proceeds from the auction were lower than in previous years, it had been a success in terms of the continuing support the Trust gets from the community and visitors on Little Cayman.

“It was very successful in the aspect of turnout, donations and local people participating, especially in artwork, in this time of financial restraint.

“We are also very, very grateful to Peter [Hillenbrand]. Even though he had had an injury, he is dedicated to the auction and persevered,” she said.

Mr. Hillenbrand, who provided lively and entertaining auctioneering duties throughout the event, suffered facial injuries last month in a fireworks accident. He joked to the audience that he had sustained his injuries rescuing royal bride Kate Middleton from a hammerhead shark.

First up for grabs in the live auction was a porcelain bunny rabbit and egg, in honour of Easter, followed by a painting by Janet Walker, which went for $660. An elaborate chandelier made from sea shells by Heather McLaughlin, who also made a mirror decorated with shells, was snapped up for $250.

A turtle shell donated by the Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman fetched $1,000 after some competitive bidding action, but the biggest seller was a white heron carved from wood by Dr. Reid Goforth, which went for $2,400.

Since part of the proceeds of the auction will go toward purchasing land for the Island’s native iguanas, the creatures featured in a number of pieces of artwork and photographs donated by local artists and photographers. One large photograph on canvas donated by photographer Steve Joscelyn fetched $610 while a pencil sketch by Jerry Scott, who works at the airport, attracted a bid of $210 in the live auction.

“All the money is going to projects on Little Cayman,” said Ms Truchan. “We will decide how much will be spent on land purchase, how much will go towards replacing showcases and how much for other projects, like brochures for our historical sites and nature trails.”


Auctioneer Peter Hillenbrand takes bids for a Janet Walker painting displayed by Michelle Davis at the Little Cayman District National Trust Easter auction.
Photo: Norma Connolly