Tiger gets lift 
to home in US

A Cayman Islands Humane Society shelter resident, Tiger, has found a new home in the United States.

Two Humane Society volunteers were walking Tiger and another shelter resident on Seven Mile Beach over the weekend when Paul Daniels, a captain with Southwest Airlines, noticed the dog.

“I just fell in love with him at first sight,” he said.

“When they walked back by the second time, I asked my wife to talk to them and find out his story.”

When they found out that Tiger was living at the Humane Society shelter and was up for adoption, Mr. Daniels, who was visiting his parents at Coral Stone Club, wished he could adopt Tiger but didn’t believe it would be possible.

“I mentioned to my wife three or four times ‘I love that dog’. As I was lying on the beach she went to get me a drink and she took quite a long time. When she came back out she said that she got the dog for me,” he recalled.

The next morning they went to the Humane Society to sign the adoption papers.

“We lost a dog just like him several years ago, and he’s definitely going to heal that wound. He’s a fantastic dog,” said Mr. Daniels.

Tiger’s new home will be in West Chester, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia.

“He’s going to love the cold climate, especially with all this fur,” said Mr. Daniels.

According to Twila Escalante, shelter liaison for the Humane Society, there are many more dogs and cats at the Humane Society awaiting adoption.

“Even if having a pet is not a viable option for you, please consider sponsoring a shelter buddy. Just $40 a month will cover food, shelter and vet care. You can also take a shelter buddy on a sleep-over. There is no obligation to adopt, just a chance to give a dog or a cat a chance to socialise out of the shelter. Food and other supplies are included,” she said.

For more information on ways to help the Humane Society, visit the Humane Society shelter on North Sound Road or call 949-1461.