Letters to the Editor: Relocation of the dump

There has been much said by many people island wide about the relocation of the dump.

But after I have listened to their input, I decided to write my own personal view on this matter, Mount Trashmore, as many call it.

The present location of the dump has served us well for so many years, but time has not stood still.

For when the dump was first put there, we did not have the hotels and so much more in that location that is now being affected by the smell that comes from the dump. And we did not have Camana Bay close by, which is such a large plus to Cayman.

Let us all on Grand Cayman face it. The time has come to move the dump. Now I have heard that they want to move it to Bodden Town in the back lands; so where? Well, I would not say yes or no to that at this present time. Reason being this must and should be decided by the people of Bodden Town, but the Government should be very

, very careful of where they relocate the dump; after all it will be for many years.

The future development of Cayman may be effected by the new dump location. Remember, the wind mostly blows from east to west and the same smell that effects Caymana bay from the dump at present can effect a larger area of Cayman in the future if the dump is placed in Bodden Town. All areas of Bodden Town and even my town’s population can be effected.

We all need to start a new and wise programme of recycling. We the people of Cayman have become too, too wasteful and have along with the Government not looked at a better way to handle our waste.

We need to recycle more and stop the wasteful lifestyle we have.

The Cayman Islands Government should invest in ways to make money off the waste that is placed in the dump so that instead of us having a trash problem in the future we will find ourselves making money from our waste like we do from the metal that is shipped overseas now.

My idea to where the dump should be relocated is that it should rest with the people of this Island to decide like so many other things; not just the governments’ leaders.

We will be putting in place new roads and new places for people to live in the future, so we must be very careful where this new dump is placed; for if we are not, we will be facing relocation of the dump again in the future. So be very careful and very wise in where this new dump is being placed.

So to all on Cayman, regardless of where you now live, this future dump will effect us all just like the present one does.

Wisdom is not something you can buy in a supermarket.

Emile S. Levy


  1. Ms Levy is very correct about the need for a relocation of the land fill but the mandate must be clearly made that recycling is absolutely mandatory and required. This is what I would like to see the Boddentown people fighting for the future of the country.

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