Training programmes for human resources

A new professional development training programme has been launched by the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals. 

The programme offers courses targeting three levels of participants at different stages in their career and professional development.  

Society President Samantha Nehra said the programme was established to meet demand. 

“Each year the CISHRP conducts a survey of all its members,” said Ms Nehra. “The results strongly demonstrated that members wanted and needed access to intermediate and senior level strategic courses, and we are thrilled at how well these courses have been attended. What’s more, the feedback we have received on the course content and delivery has 
been excellent.”  

Ahisha Bodden, the Society’s director for professional development, said the structure of the programme ensures that there is something for everyone: Level 1 is for human resource administrators; Level 2 for practising human resource managers; and Level 3 for executives.  

“The CISHRP has been extremely lucky in locating some significant local talent to develop and deliver these courses,” said Ms Bodden. “We have worked very hard to ensure that the quality of the material is second to none and that all participants will feel that their money has been well spent”.  

Level 1 courses include titles such as Coaching for HR Professionals and Recruitment and Selection – Hiring the Right Person. Level 2 courses include titles like HR Metrics – Delivering HR Success Through Analytics; Designing Incentives and Rewards; and Beyond Tactical HR – Transformation to Strategic HR.  



Strategic courses 


Ms Bodden said the Level 3 courses are designed to be strategic and will require more interactive participation, with attendees potentially preparing some course work prior to attending the sessions. Possible Level 3 course titles are Succession Planning Strategies, Employer Branding and ‘Retention Strategies.  

This year the Society has partnered with the law firm Appleby to provide the curriculum and instructors for the Certificate in Human Resources Management Programme courses, including Labour Law 101, Health Insurance 101, Pension 101 and 
Immigration 101.  

“Appleby … has really raised the bar for the quality of information that our members are receiving,” said Ms Bodden. “The legal expertise has been instrumental in the success of our training programme.”  

The Society has hosted two free forums and it frequently hosts ‘hot topic’ workshops on such issues as managing downsizing in difficult economic times and employee handbook mistakes you can’t afford to make.  

The Society has plans to host workshops on creating successful compensation strategies and preparing for the upturn during the downturn.  


For more information about the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals, email [email protected] or visit the website 


Ms Nehra


Ms Bodden