WB fight leaves two in hospital

A fight that broke out Tuesday night at Batabano Plaza in West Bay left two men hospitalised.

Both men were expected to recover from their injuries. Police said it appeared one man had been stabbed in the shoulder and that another suffered a bloody nose during the scuffle, which was reported around 7.45pm Tuesday.

The man with the shoulder wound was expected to be released from hospital Wednesday.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service was seeking a third man who was reported to be at the scene of the altercation. According to officers, that man was spotted brandishing what appeared to be a hand gun.

Police also searched the vehicle that one of the injured men had used to travel to Batabano Plaza. There were several rounds of live ammunition seized from inside the car. Two men were arrested in connection with possessing the ammunition.

So far, RCIPS Superintendent Brian Donley said those involved in the Tuesday night incident have been extremely uncooperative with investigating officers.

“All those involved in the fight are not cooperating with police,” Mr. Donley said.

Police are asking anyone who was at the scene Tuesday to come forward with information. They are asked to contact the West Bay Police Station at 949-3999.


  1. Wow I missed out on the action!! LOL, Seriously… Next time If you wanna fight that badly why don’t you both agree to take it to the ring, strap on some gloves and duke it out, Instead of on the street, settle your differences right then and there in the ring. Who knows you might end up getting addicted to ring fighting and we could benefit from a new sport to compliment boxing.

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