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Standard Chartered Trust employees renewed their bond with their adopted blue iguana Stanley recently.

The company adopted a blue iguana in 2008 in support of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme, which aims to help the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana return from the brink of extinction.

The company organised a staff visit to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park where members of staff had an opportunity to meet up with their adopted iguana.

Stanley was in fine form, displaying his vivid blue colouring, no doubt inspired by the blue shirts worn by the Standard Chartered Trust employees.

Botanic Park staff provided a tour and answered questions on the programme and the iguanas themselves.

The Blue Iguana Recovery Programme grew from a small project started within the National Trust for the Cayman Islands in 1990. It is now a partnership, linking the Trust with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment, the Botanic Park, and two overseas partners, the International Reptile Conservation Foundation and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.