on the brac Summer adventures

It’s that time of year again and Cayman Brac Heritage House has collaborated with the Alexander Hotel and the Marketing and Promotions Unit for the Sister Islands to host a series of Brac Adventure Camps over the next few weeks. 

The first takes place between 5 and 7 July under the theme of National Symbols and Silver Thatch. There will be a scavenger hunt to locate everything Caymanian, find a Brac iguana and get involved in thatching and conch shell painting. As with all the camps, there’s swimming every day and a movie every night, art contests, information sessions, games and field trips. 

From 19 to 21 July it’s all about Caymanite and the caves, featuring tours to Bat Cave and Rebecca’s Cave plus a South Shore hike at the base of the bluff to find Caymanite and see the blow hole. 


Local parrots 

The third week of the camps runs from 2 to 4 August and concentrates on flora and fauna. Expect nature trail hiking to find local parrots, birds, flowers, animals and insects, the parrot reserve, the saltwater pond for the whistling ducks, iguana searches and – weather permitting – a snorkelling sea adventure at Buccaneer Salt Water Cove (parents required to attend).  

Finally, the seafaring theme takes place between 16 and 18 August. Check out schooners, catboats, seafaring facts and visit the Cayman Brac Museum to learn about turtling. There will be a Q&A session with local seamen, and a night sky tour to identify constellations. For an additional cost and again, weather permitting, there may be a kids and parents boat trip to Little Cayman Seaman’s Museum with Point of Sand swimming. 

Booking arrangements may be made through the Alexander Hotel, which can advise on rates and availability. Call 948-8222 or email [email protected] 


Currently on display at Heritage House is the artwork of Tampa-based Kimberly Conolly. 

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