Editorial July 13: Get angry about shelter situation

 The dog days of summer are certainly upon us and, more specifically, the Humane Society Shelter.

 As of 30 June the shelter has shut its doors to any more dogs or cats. It’s woefully overcrowded and there just aren’t enough humans adopting pets.

 Technically the Humane Society Shelter is not a no-kill shelter, but volunteer staffers there refuse to speak the e-word – euthanasia. They don’t believe the practice of putting down animals because of overcrowding is humane and refuse to do so.

 But we have to ask, how humane is it to keep animals in crowded cages for long periods of time? It isn’t.

 Be clear: The Humane Society Shelter didn’t create the hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats on Grand Cayman. People did.

 The only good thing about the shelter being overcrowded is that it means people are actually surrendering the animals to the shelter and not dumping them in the bush.

 If the Humane Society had its way, all dogs and cats would be spayed and neutered and the animals that find their way to the shelter would be adopted by responsible, loving people. By the way, the Society spays and neuters for free.

 We have to wonder how many articles and editorials we will have to write before something is done about the shelter itself. We repeat our mantra:

 The Humane Society needs our help.

 Firstly, the location of the shelter on busy North Sound Road is fine for the thrift shop and book store, but it is a bad location for the sheltering of animals and a dangerous area for walking dogs.

 The Humane Society is in desperate need of land. An expanse of land would mean more room for the animals and a safer place for the volunteer dog walkers to exercise the animals.

 And it needs donations from the public.

 Give the Humane Society a hand. Donate money, food or your time as a volunteer.

 If you’ve got extra land you have no intentions of developing, give them a call at 949-1461.

 And if you’ve got some space and a love of animals, go to the shelter and adopt a pet.


  1. Great editorial. It is about time people started donating to this, giving some land, helping out because our society will be judged by how we treat our animals as well as those less fortunate.

    Keep hammering on this and maybe one of the fat cats around here will take notice.

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