Gas station worker ambushed, shot

A Bodden Town gas station employee was shot by a suspected robber as she left work Wednesday night, Royal Cayman Islands Police said. 
The convenience store worker, who was employed at Lorna’s Texaco on Bodden Town Road, suffered gunshot wounds to her knee and shoulder. Her injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, police said.
According to police, the 57-year-old woman left the gas station around 10pm and crossed the street to where her car was parked. 
She was identified as Medsadie “Meddie” Connor. Mrs. Meddie has worked at the Texaco station for more than 15 years.
When she started to get in her vehicle, police said a man who had apparently hidden in the bushes came at the woman brandishing a firearm. Police said the man threatened the woman and grabbed her handbag. 
During the incident either two or three shots were fired by the suspect, police said. At least two of those struck the woman who was taken to hospital for treatment. 
After the shooting, the suspect ran off with the woman’s handbag. 
Station owner Osbourne Bodden’s voice was shaking as he described the robbery.
“He shot her without asking questions, shot her then took her little handbag,” Mr. Bodden said. “Enough is enough. I don’t know who is going to wake up and realise we’re no longer dealing with minor criminals here.”
“We’re getting to the point now where there’s almost no sense saying you can live here and do business here.”
Mr. Bodden said nothing was taken from the gas station.
Police Commissioner David Baines said Wednesday night’s shooting represented “pure evil”.
 “This is just senseless, gratuitous…pure evil. There’s no other explanation for
it,” he said.
 Royal Cayman Islands Police are seeking a beat up blue or grey coloured Honda that was spotted leaving the scene shortly after the shooting. Two men were seen inside the vehicle. . 
The shooting is the second in about two weeks that has occurred during the commission of a robbery. 
On 29 June, Kemar Golding, 28, was shot in the eye near a jerk chicken stand in Red Bay. Mr. Golding also survived his injuries.
“While we cannot definitively link the two incidents, the blasé
manner in which
people were shot, combined with the time and the modus operandi of the
suggest that they may be linked,” Mr. Baines said. “This has to stop now
before people are
No arrests have been reported thus far in either case. 
Police ask anyone who has information in the Bodden Town shooting to call the police station there at 947-2220 or the confidential Crime Stoppers tips line at 800-8477.


  1. Calm… calm… Everything is under control …at least almost !

    For me it looks as if the honourable Royal Cayman police played since months more or less the role of decoration objects while *peeeeep* armed robbers are on the loose…

  2. Everyone who works at any business is a potential target it seems. This poor woman who never harmed a soul is now likely to suffer for the rest of her life. If not mentally, she certainly will physically. Her knee will never be the same. We need 2 things: More well-trained police officers 2. MUCH stiffer jail terms. Maybe we have to build an extension to our jail, but these criminals should be charged with robbery attempted murder and locked away for the rest of their lives with NO chance of parole. That would stop others from taking up robbery shooting as an extra way to make money.

  3. You can expand the jail as much as you want. But as soon as the do-gooders add the TV and the gym and the librtary and the other Hilton Hotel amenities, it becomes a convenient place to live with no responsibilities. Cayman needs deterrents which work – not pampers.

  4. This one really cuts close to the bone, reading of an innocent woman of the age of someone’s grandmother shot in cold blood…probably by someone younger than her own children.

    This bothers and hurts me deeply.

    Back in the days of the old RCIPS Task Force, under Derek Haines, Shaun Ebanks and others, there was real fear in the hearts of violent criminals on the streets of Cayman; the same gunmen were very much out there at the time…

    But they weren’t running rampant as they are now for fear of being shot by Derek Haines and his men.

    This is not a popular truth that many might wish to read but I’m at no risk by saying it…

    Derek Haines and the old police task force in Cayman between 1998 and 2002 would have found some of these murderers by now…and shot them dead, without hesitation or remorse.

    What in Cayman has changed since then ?

  5. All Businesses need to be allowed to employ armed guards or at least be allowed to arm themselves. If an armed guard had escorted this women to her vehicle or at least been present this would have never happened. Any person that would do something like this doesn’t deserve to breathe, shooting an innocent little old lady, give me a break, what excuses will you make for this, say it’s because he’s unemployed and only trying to feed his family. This is not the act of a desperate hungry person that used to be law abiding till he lost his job, it’s that act of a crack head murderous killer that’s no better than a rabid animal and needs to be shot on site.

    The powers that be in Cayman need to realize that times in Cayman have changed and they will never be the same. Cayman is no longer the safe haven it used to be, it has officially joined the rest of the world and is unfortunately a crime ridden paradise where the stick up man is in the bushes stalking innocent hard working people and the law can do nothing to stop it. Although I still feel it’s a paradise I wouldn’t go out after dark unless I had to, at least that will slightly minimize the possibility of becoming a victim.

    With all the financial difficulties Cayman already has why should the people have to pay to house these animals in comfortable air conditioned homes like the Northside prison where they would get to live out their lives with the amenities everyone else has to bust their Ae working to pay for. If another Jail is needed build one on Little Cayman with no creature comforts put the dump there and let these losers sort it out to be recycled or put armed guard around the quarries and let them bust rocks with pick axes all day in the heat. Let them make bricks out of concrete that can be sold to construction companies and make money for the government. Anything other than letting them just hang out chillin all day waiting for some do gooder judge to let them out to terrorize the community even more.

    The whole crime prevention plan is great talking about stopping kids from turning into criminals but that does nothing for the ones that are already out there probably raising their own little replacements. Seeing these criminals in jail busting their butts all day doing hard labor might deter the upcoming crooks enough to make them prefer to get an education and make something of themselves.

  6. Still trying to make some factual comments on Cayman News Service (CNS), but they’re not posting it for some strange reason. I made many attempts yet I am seeing some comments made with unexpected high thumb-ratings that I would never think are made by Caymanians. Strange I say. I think I will stay with CayCompass for now.

  7. Governor Taylor its time you do Comissioner Baines Appraisal.

    Here are some occurrences against him:

    -Criminals have no fear of him nor his RCIP
    -Violent Crimes have not just increased but have ‘MULTIPLIED
    -He can not stop the more serious crimes of robbery, , assaults with weapons and deadly killings in our society.
    -Our tourism product is highly threatened under Commissioner David Baines we are making a bad name as a Tourist destination.
    – To date Baines is not capable of stopping the gun crimes in our midst NOR is he capable of identifying, catching and bringing to justice the King Pin that is IMPORTING GUNS INTO THE CAYMAN ISLANDS.
    -He needs to be replaced ASAP.
    Governor Taylor its high time you listen to public outcry and Give Mr Derek Haines an offer he can’t refuse,Send Mr. Baines back home to England where he belongs and put Cayman back on track.
    We need to feel safe again.

  8. Dubai

    I’m slowly being convinced of your theory of ‘political complicity’ if not involvement, in this unchecked wave of gun crime, shootings and lack of adequate and effective police intervention.

    That the politicial heirarchy is at least complicit is evident in that the major threat to Cayman people’s safety and security is being pointedly ignored and avoided…one only has to do nothing at all when one should, to be complicit in any situation.

    That this same political heirarchy can work up the emotions and support of their followers to support or oppose their economics policies and plans is more than evident…

    But these same people will not and cannot open their mouths on their own behalf when they and their family members are being shot, robbed and physically beaten by gun-totting criminals.

    Are they being controlled through fear of economic reprisals if they get together to protest against this onslaught, against the orders and wishes of their political masters ?

    Knowing Cayman as well as I do, it appears to me the only logical reason why this total silence from a population of people who are under onslaught.

    The spectre of Jamaica and Zimbabwe is hovering over the Cayman Islands, like a dark shadow and the results will be more threatening than they already are…

    If this trend continues.

  9. I have read the comments – some of which i agree with, some of which baffle me! Cayman is facing a terrifying future, but it is a home grown threat. The recession is world wide and people everywhere struggle to make ends meat, but dont necessarily go round shooting other people! Its easy to say that the police should hunt these criminals down and shoot them, but would it be as easy for you to say if it was your child/grandchild that was the criminal? I hate to say it, but i wish the police would shoot a few to scare the many, but lets face it, with all the HUMAN RIGHTS thats easier said then done! I agree prisons need to be more like a prison ( dark and damp with plentiful hard labour) then a holiday stay, but yet again HUMAN RIGHTS interfere!!
    Its easy to blame the Governor/Chief of Police, but how about some people start looking a bit closer to home – realising that these criminals are their children/family members and if they cant rein them in, control them, raise them correctly then hand them over to the police!
    My thoughts are with the woman who suffered at the hands of a thoughtless brute, and i hope she makes a speedy recovery.

  10. Growing up, one of the things my own father made clear to me was that he would be the first to call and report me If I ever broke the law. And I make the same promise to my own sonSpare the rod and spoil the child..If you turn a blind eye to your children while break the law you are just as guiltyIf you know you own son did this terrible thing and you say nothing you may as well have pulled the trigger yourself

  11. Yes firing blanks and 4 or 5 people showing up at RCIP meetings to discuss crime prevention.
    Says only one thing.
    It’s over for Baines. He like the premier need to wake up and realize they’re just not performing and their approval rating is totally Unsatisfactory
    Take a look at the votes against them.Good heavens if they don’t understand that its over then what?
    The governor will be forced to move very soon.
    Some times I think these may be colonialist insurrections! Bodden?

  12. I’m sorry Dubai but I have to disagree with you on your one comment. You can’t compare the job the premier is doing with that of the chief of police! The former is making a concerted effort to get the economics of this country back on track, creating a future for our island, whereas the later is not doing anything that his job description requires of him. Or if he is, they are keeping it a secret from the public with no results being seen in the fight against crime prevention.

  13. Too many people are talking at arming policemen and shooting criminals. But mistakes are quickly made and shooting someone would be impossible to undo. And by the way, shooting who? The first thing would be at least to find these criminals…

  14. Dubai, ‘the fight against crime prevention’? Not sure that is exactly what you meant there. Agree with comments on it being a homegrown problem, only locals are gonna help tackle this.

  15. Stopcrimenow

    I’d like to ask you one simple question.

    Do you think that the Commissioner of Police is totally responsible for the decisions on how the fighting of crime and keeping the society safe or does he take and follow orders and reports to someone else ?

    It seems to me that he does not have a free hand in carrying out his duties and as Cayman’s system stands, the Governor is his boss.

    But it is not the Governor’s citizens, constituents or family members that are being shot and robbed.

    By all accounts, you would think that Cayman’s elected leader, the Premiere, would be leading a march to the doorstep of the Governor and CoP if he has no influence on the work and operations of the CoP.

    He is very good at hollering, leading marches and threatening and bullying other people about everything else.

    After all, its his own people who are being shot and robbed and who elected him to lead and protect them…

    Or, is it his own people, after all ?

    None of his hard work in getting Cayman’s economy back in good standing and putting money in people’s pocket again will do them any good when they’re being shot and having it taken off them without fear of any intervention by either the island’s citizens or their police force.

    Hopefully, you will see the point of my question and statements.

  16. Dreadful of course.
    Before we can worry about the sentencing or prisons we must catch them.

    While it appears we have a crime wave, this is probably not true. Criminals are like other workers, they go to the same job on a regular basis.

    Ordinary workers go to their jobs at the bank, government or construction site every day.
    Criminals go out robbing. It may well be the same few people who are commiting most of the armed robberies.

    (I read a few years ago about a habitual house breaker being caught a few years ago in the UK. After he was in jail house breakins in the area dropped by 50%. Just one person, working diligently accounted for 50% of all the robberies.)

    We need a CSI Cayman.

    Do the bullets from the last two shootings match? Were they from the same gun?

    Do the descriptions match?

    How did the criminals get to the scene of the crime?

    Are there any security videos from gas stations for that time that could show passing car number plates?

    Where were known criminals at these times?


    Regarding arming the public. No need to legalize firearms, just legalize tasars and pepper sprays. Non lethal ways of protecting yourself without causing permanent harm.

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