New Panthers set to pounce

The Killa-Panthers have the perfect blend to upset the elite in the newly formed women’s flag football league which is seven-a-side instead of five. Their coaches are established players Brendon Malice and Neil Clements and they have some of the best players in the leaugue.

“Our preseason was a bit of a learning experience,” says Malice whose wife Lisa is a player. “Our team is the result of two merged teams – ACE Panthers and Andro Killa Watts – from last season’s five-a-side league.

“It’s taking some time to figure out each other’s strengths and learning to mesh as a cohesive unit. In addition we are learning the game of seven-on-seven for the first time.”

Brendon is confident the Killa-Panthers can challenge the top order this year, particularly the Hammerhead’s Lady Sharks. His resume is impeccable. “I have been fortunate to win a championship in 2008 with the original Lady Pirates. I was also the women’s national flag football coach in 2009-10 when we travelled to Orlando to play in the Flag Football National Championships.”

He has participated and coached in Cayman flag football for the last seven years. Clements has assisted the Lady Panthers the past the years. He brings a lot of experience and knowledge and is also the starting QB for the Burger King Panthers.

Brendon has found learning the new format challenging. “It’s been an adventure learning the rules and trying to implement plays this season. It will take a few games for us to figure out what works and what doesn’t.”

He is not sure yet who will emerge but the fact that they lost 19-0 to the newly formed Domino’s Wolverines on Saturday at the Cayman International School field is not too disheartening. “I expect the Killa-Panthers to compete for the title. We have a lot of talent and experience. Our team moral is high and we all love to play football. Our team is certainly looking forward to the season and hoping to be in the final game.

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