New talk show touted

If the editor of this newspaper has been so kind as to have published these comments before Wednesday July 27th, I ask that as many of you as possible tune into Radio Cayman 89.9 and 83.9 FM, on Tuesday, July 26th, to listen to and call Radio Cayman’s latest talk show, Community Voices.

Community Voices is hosted by Mrs. Lorna Bush and me. Talk radio has become popular the world over and much can be said for talk- radio capacity to be inexpensive tools of modern democracy. However there is also the very dangerous and de-stabilising side. It is no doubt in the minds of listeners of Roster’s call in morning talk radio, that I have been unhappy with the intellectual level and integrity of the hosts and callers. Rather than debate this in these few comments, let me instead use the opportunity to thank the premier for accepting Community Voices invitation to be our first guest. And I do herein promise to be as fair and objective as possible. For I do believe that there are many objectives a talk radio host may pursue including inciting petty tribal pride and resentment. Community Voices is an attempt to develop and advance an intellectual framework, which will broaden; rather than narrow our perspectives and understanding of our social, economic and political institutions and challenges. Community Voices intends to engage the church leadership and challenge their role in community affairs and their vision for our future. There is for example, the issue of the relationship between government and the church and how both institutions have influenced the rapid development of a criminal culture by denying the causes of the malaise . I really do look forward to honest and well thought out considerations and comments from our religious community and our stewards of industry because politics is about society or it is in fact society in its totality. Community Voices will of course deal with day to day events as they are unfolding but our most important mandate is to assimilate and integrate the differences in understanding among the voices in our small community.

The Cayman Islands is at a pivotal point in time because we can and we must move forward to embrace economic possibilities not many of us could have dreamt of 11 years ago when we were so frightened about rolling into the 21st Century. My hope is not just in those that have lived and died but in those not born and those alive.

We must accept the challenge of knowing we are not perfect once knowing we can become perfect.

Frank McField


  1. Dr. McField’s raises an interesting point in his letter/press release by talking about inciting petty tribal pride and resentment.
    Ironically, Dr.McField provided a perfect example of this type of behaviour earlier in his piece by stating he is unhappy with the intellectual level and integrity of the hosts and callers.

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