Pastor offers explanation 
for multipurpose hall funding

If everything goes as planned the Church of God multipurpose hall and hurricane shelter should be ready in time for the next hurricane season.

“The building is just a shell right now but I am hoping that by the beginning of the next hurricane season the building should be ready to the point where we can take shelter if needed,” said Winston Rose, Church of God Pastor.

Recently the multipurpose hall has come under scrutiny from some people in the community as to who is providing the funding to the tune of $4 million.

How the change of plans from multipurpose hall and adding hurricane shelter came about Pastor Rose hopes to clear up.

“The church had drawn plans to build a multipurpose hall using steel and fabricated siding. It was going to be a regular building not a hurricane shelter. Then the church got into talks with government about what they were doing and it was then suggested that the church construct the building so that it could be used as a hurricane shelter. In the discussion with the disaster committee and as a result of these discussions we changed the plans,” said Pastor Rose, in fact he said they had to go back to the steel company and make changes for hurricane specifications.

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According to Pastor Rose, the agreement with the previous government was to pay the difference of what the cost was to upgrade the building as 
a hurricane shelter.

Once the plans were drawn he said they went to the surveyors and had them give the costs showing the breakdown as to what the overall expense would be and what the additional cost would be as a result of changing the building from the way it was.

The quantity surveyor estimated government’s share would be about $2 million which would raise the overall cost of the building to $4.5 million and which 
they agree to pay.

When the government had their assessment done by the Public Works Department as to what their additional costs would be, there were some discrepancies between what the church’s quantity surveyor estimated it to be. It was agreed the government would give $1.3 million.

According to Pastor Rose, when the new government came in they continued to assist with the project by giving $1 million and support until the building is completed next year.

At the moment, Pastor Rose said they are probably less than half way done.

“Most of the walls are up and we are now in the process of putting up the roof,” he said. “We had to make some changes because some steel had deteriorated, which had to be replaced. We are pouring for the tresses, then the doors and rendering will take place. The next big item of expense which would be the generator plant which will carry the load of the building in case power is lost.”

Pastor Rose said the they are still depending on the church, the community and government to get the building completed and may even have to resort to getting a loan as they get nearer to completion if they do not have the cash in hand.

The building

The 20,672 square feet single storey building is being constructed just past the Bodden Town Primary School on four acres of church property and it is a working partnership between the church and the government which is estimated to cost just under CI$4 million when completed.

The building is being built to an elevation of 14 feet with hurricane resistant impact windows and doors, which is the government’s requirement and will accommodate more than 500 persons.

The building will feature kitchen, office and storage, rest room areas with showers; a waste water treatment plant, and a 60,000-gallon water cistern.

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  1. Apprentice, what does the them offering hurricane shleter have to dow ith searation of state and church. The last thing anyone who was here during Ivan cared about was government separation from the church.

  2. This is one smart use of space. We need more cooperation like this.. Knowing Pastor Rose, he do not miss a chance to maximize any resources in service to to the community. I would like to know the official who had enough calabash to agree the teamwork.