Protest signs go up

Opponents of the Emerald Sound development in South Sound
erected protest signs along the roadside on Wednesday morning.

Two large signs were erected – one near the junction of
South Sound Road and Anne Bonny Crescent and the other across from the junction
of Old Crewe Road and South Sound Road. Other smaller signs are also being
erected in local residents’ gardens and driveways.

South Sound resident Natasha Kozaily said: “I think it’s
great to see people being proactive and coming together to stand up for what
they believe and protecting our home. That kind of community spirit… is what
Caymanian history has always been about.”

A public meeting about the project, which is being developed
by Rene Hislop, will be held Thursday night, 28 July, at the South Sound
Community Centre.

Chief architect of the Emerald Sound development Burns
Conolly said he will present the proposed plans to residents at the meeting and
address their concerns.

The Central Planning Authority will consider the planning
application for the development on Wednesday, 3 August.

Residents in the area are opposing the development of 91
acres of land situated between Bel Air Drive and Old Crewe Road, on which lots
for 170 apartments and 82 homes are being proposed.

They fear the construction of a channel from South Sound to
canals on the site will lead to flooding and tidal surges. They are also
concerned about the realignment of South Sound Road and the proposed
construction of bridge that will span the channel.

The signs read: “Protect South Sound. No canals” and “No
canal, dredging, bridge, moving our road. No Emerald Sound”.



Widmark Davis, left, and Aris San Luis of Signs of Paradise putting one of the signs in the ground.


  1. these protester are a bunch of selfish people with nothing else better to do than complain about everything.

    Does it really bother you that much? I guess all jobs and money that is put into our struggling economy means nothing.

    Grand Cayman is all about canals.

    Like the protesters of the past: extension of by-pass, building the ritz, captive dolphins etc. are part of our lives and no one is complaining now… thats what it will be like after Emerald Sound is built.

    I own two homes in South Sound and I really hope this goes thru… I will buy another one Emerald Sound.

  2. @ crisscross – Jobs and money is not everything. After these developers complete their projects, will they be giving the young people of the community jobs? I think not! These developers are the selfish ones! They cut down the trees and adversely change the environment for their own profit – no one else. They could care less for the residents of the community effected. It is time these big shots respect the people and stop using government as their crutch stick!

  3. I Drove to the area to have a look last week. That is a very [expletive] beach, too narrow to do anything on. I am sure the developer has a better plan and use for it then what the government did by putting the road so close to the sea.

    The reason I went is because another person posted how they use to enjoy this area when they where kids and play in the mango groves. All I could see was an overgrown area which I will not personally step in.

    I will go to the Developers meeting tonight and see what he has to say.

    Nature creates beautiful beaches, but when the Government puts a road so close that I will never take my kids there , then I wish a developer with creativity all the best to better the area for all.

  4. Funny how people are quick to call developers selfish and greedy and not caring about the island people or the land. Who was it that sold them the land was it a Caymanian. If so, where was his concern for the land, why didn’t he give to the National Trust instead of selling it to a developer. The answer is becuase he wanted the money. So the bottom line is if you treasure something so much why would you sell it off. Once you sell something you no longer have a say on what’s done with it..

  5. @ B.T.

    Money is everything. I don’t know how you pay your rent, feed yourself and fuel your cars??

    The protesters qualms are poor, they are grabbing at straws and false hope.

    A canal gets dredged a couple of trees get cut down, a bridge is built big deal. I bet all these people protesting would buy a south sound canal home if they could.

  6. @crisscross – You really have no clue what you are talking about. That is great you have two houses on South Sound, good for you. I also do hope you buy another house in Emerald Sound. I just hope you buy yourself some flood insurance. That is if government allows it to go forward.

    Do you not realize that the people protesting are not poor – most are South Sound residents, and last time I checked South Sound is full of great properties and wealthy homeowners. They are mostly true Caymanians, who have grown up and love our Island. We do like economic improvement, but we do not like it if it is going to destroy very fragile ecosystems and areas that cannot be replaced. If they dredge the sound and build a bridge, the sound will be changed forever and that beautiful untouched area, one of the few left on the island, will now be ruined. Crisscross, you obviously have not seen how flooding and storms cause the backflow of the swamps to enter the South Sound, turning it a disgusting color and destroying the fragile ecosystem. Imagine what a full canal will do to that area.

    Cayman has spoken before, and he was turned down. I don’t understand how anyone with a conscience can go forward with a project that will so obviously hurt the island and that so little people want and support. Crisscross, bring me some actual facts rather than your opinion.

    Come on Cayman, save South Sound and speak up against this project.

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