Meals On Wheels burgled

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    Bandits made off Wednesday night with most of the food used to feed indigent shut-ins and disadvantaged individuals in Grand Cayman, after ransacking the offices of Meals and Wheels on School House Road.

    The burglary was discovered at about 6am on Thursday, when a cook arrived at the facility to find one of the back windows tampered with and the place a mess.

    “They took chicken, cups, plates, the children’s afternoon snacks, chips, hot dogs, biscuits, juice … I can’t imagine who would do a thing like this. Most of the supplies were bought on Monday, if they had came on Friday the place would have been empty, but we had just been shopping for stuff,” said Beulah McField, Meals on Wheels founder and facilitator.

    She said the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service came and did a thorough dusting and concluded the perpetrators most likely wore gloves.

    “Even though they took everything, what we needed to prepare food for today was overlooked. God blinded their eyes to that little much and we are still able to serve for today. However, we will have to go shopping again today as people have to be fed,” Ms McField said.

    Still smiling despite her ordeal, she said the crooks were not stealing from her, but from God.

    “One woman can’t eat solid foods and so we stock Ensures for her. I am going to have to spend the rest of the week praying for these criminals who did this, so that when God’s wrath falls on them it’s not so bad,” she said.

    Books and computers were left behind, as the burglars focused on food. 

    Meals on Wheels Cayman robbed office ransacked

    Miss McFields office is ransacked.
    Stuart Wilson


    1. Such a shame. They should have just come and asked for the food.

      I have gone and donated 1500, this will provide 375 meals to people in need.

    2. Let’s look at the facts here… The burglars stole FOOD and left behind computers/electrical items…
      These are clearly crimes being committed by desperate, hungry people, not career criminals. The island is in big trouble when people have to resort to such desperate measures to obtain food to eat.

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