Editorial for 04 August: Time is now for preparations

Although the Cayman Islands have had a quiet first two
months of the hurricane season, that should not be taken as a sign that things
will remain quiet here.

Even during normal hurricane seasons, more than 85 per cent
of tropical cyclone activity occurs after 1 August, when wind sheer typically
decreases in the tropical areas of the Atlantic Basin. This season has already
seen the formation of five named storms, a sign that conditions are already
ripe for tropical cyclones.

In addition, Colorado State University scientists Phil
Klotzbach and William Gray issued their adjusted 2011 forecast Wednesday and
reaffirmed their forecasts of April and June, calling for active hurricane
season with 16 named storms, nine hurricanes and five major hurricanes.

With the conditions conducive for an active season, chances
are the Cayman Islands will at least have some tropical cyclone watches or
warnings before the season is over.

For those who have procrastinated in preparing for hurricane
season, now is the time to get ready. Once a hurricane is approaching, it can
be very difficult to get everything done that needs to be done because of long
lines, traffic and shortages of goods.

Hopefully, the Cayman Islands will be spared a direct hit of
a hurricane, but as we learned from Hurricane Michelle in 2001, a strong
hurricane more than a 100 miles away can still cause significant damage here.


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