Emerald Sound approved

The Central Planning Authority has approved
the controversial Emerald Sound development planning application. 

The Authority approved the application to
build 81 houses and 160 apartments on the 91-acre site on South Sound Road, according
to a press release from the developer RC Estates, owned by Rene Hislop, 

The application was presented and
considered a day-long meeting on Wednesday, 3 August. 

The development involves the construction
of canals, a channel from the South Sound to the canals, a bridge over South
Sound Road under which boats can pass and the re-alignment of South Sound Road
– elements that residents in the area oppose. 

Chief architect of the Emerald Sound
project, Burns Conolly, said he was not surprised the Central Planning
Authority had approved the application. 

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emerald sound


  1. I think this has to be the saddest thing i’ve ever heard. South Sound is one of my favourite roads on the island and now it seems like it’s going to be destroyed for money just like everything else.

  2. Good Lord have mercy! That’s all I can say about this. It appears to be that this island is being sold to the highest bidder. I’m from the US married to a caymanian and I quickly jumped on the idea of living here with my wife to escape the city hustle from Florida. I might as well go back to Florida or call this lil Florida. What happened to the lure of pure island life so well advertised to cruise ship and air passengers? South Sound is one of my favorite roads too. The water might not be as pretty as a few other spots but man as you are driving down the road and look at the water it helps your mind to escape the daily struggles. I guess now I’ll have to weed my way through the urban life just to see the city.

  3. Money giveth, money taketh away.

    I dont understand the comments about the road, they are only building on the land side for now and the bridge is not going to block the view and I would imagine one might get a better view of the seaside going over the bridge.

    Its not like they are digging up the whole south sound road and the best view is from the south sound dock going east anyway.

    I also doubt if he will be building right now given the amount of housing inventory on the market right now. It will proably be a few years before he even starts.

  4. Aside from destroying the natural beauty of that area which is a disgrace in itself, let’s talk about who is going to live there. 81 houses and 160 apartments? There are already empty properties for sale and rent everywhere on this island. But hey, lets flood the market with even more available rental properties. There’s only one way to sustain that … expats!
    Oh, that’s right .. expat numbers are way down … hmmm.

  5. Why is it that most of the objectors are so ignorant. Look at the picture above. How will this development block your view of the sea? In this area you can’t see the water at all! Once the bridge is built you will get a great view as you cross the canal though! (while driving you really should be concentrating on the road, not the sea – although passengers can look!)

  6. The people of the Middle East are dethroning their dictatorship leaders, Florida has called in their Mayor Alvarez,When are the people of the Cayman Islands going to stop this man and his cronies from doing things against the people’s will? When are the men going to stand up to this man and lead the way in calling in this dictator? Are you not thinking about your children’s future? there’s nothing left for them.
    McKeeva Bush does not have a chance for support in this district he nor his party. So lets stop him and ask the governor and the UK to remove a leader that is Not serving the people but himself and x-pats and big developers with deep pockets.

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