Family, friends search for Kerran

    members and friends of a missing nurse split up into search teams Saturday to cover southern and eastern portions of Grand Cayman in their search for her. 

    Kerran Natalee Baker, 25, of Jamaica went missing sometime after 7pm Saturday, 30 July. Royal Cayman Islands Police have little information as to what may have happened to her after that time.

    Saturday’s search started at around 10.30 am near the Pedro St.
    James Castle location where Ms Baker’s white Honda Civic was recovered on Monday.

    Searchers congregated at the open lot near the Texaco gas station in Savannah across the street from the Countryside Shopping Centre.

    The group divided into search teams to cover areas of Savannah, Newlands and Beach Bay.

    Ms Baker’s sister, Toney-Ann Anthony, asked anyone with information as to where Kerran might be to come forward either to local police or to her family.

    “We need her dead or alive,” Ms Anthony said. “It’s really depressing for our family.”


    RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones, who attended Saturday’s search team with other RCIPS officers, said Friday that police were running down a few more leads and were keen to piece together what happened to Ms Baker after she was recorded on a CCTV camera leaving the airport Foster’s store around 7pm Saturday. 

    Mr. Jones said police have learned Ms Baker’s cell phone was used after that time. However, officers had no way of determining if it was Ms Baker or someone else using the phone.

    Officers were investigating a sighting of the missing woman’s Honda on Midway Close in the Lower Valley area around 9pm last Saturday, but could confirm nothing. There was also a report of her car being spotted outside the Domino’s Pizza parking lot in Savannah that same night which police were also checking out.

    Neither alleged sighting had been confirmed by Friday afternoon.

    Mr. Jones said rumours that police had arrested someone at Owen Roberts Airport Thursday night were just that. He said police had made no arrests in connection with Ms Baker’s disappearance and also noted that no one had been arrested at the airport on Thursday.

    The chief superintendent also denied other reports that a male friend of Ms Baker’s who police had earlier questioned left the Island on Thursday night.

    “There’s no one to our knowledge that has had a relationship with Kerran
    who has left the Island,” Mr. Jones said.

     RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden said earlier in the week that there had been no reports made to police of stalking or serious violent incidents at Kerran’s home or place of employment. 

    However, family members and friends have told the Caymanian Compass that she had previously been threatened and followed by a former boyfriend. Police did not provide any further information on the matter. 

    Parents plea for help

    Kerran Baker’s mother and father literally begged on Thursday for anyone with information as to their missing daughter’s whereabouts to come forward. 

    The missing woman’s mother, Sandra Anthony, said the last time she heard from Kerran was around 5pm Saturday when her daughter phoned to tell her she had wired some money to Jamaica. 

    “That’s my child, someone tell me something, give me closure on this,” Mrs. Anthony said with tears in her eyes during a news conference at Royal Cayman Islands Police Service headquarters Thursday. “I need her, I need her. Please, I’m pleading I’m begging, oh God.” 

    Wilmot Anthony, who lived in Cayman between 1999 and last year, asked anyone with information about Kerran’s location to call him directly if they were not willing to go to the police. 

    “Almost 95 per cent of the people on this Island know me,” Mr. Anthony said. “Say something to me, make me feel good. We cannot sleep, we cannot eat.

    “I’m bracing myself for the worst.” 

    Royal Cayman Islands Police Service had little comfort to offer Kerran’s family on Thursday. Chief Superintendent John Jones said police were still largely at a loss to determine where she might be. He said police officers were out along the south coast of Grand Cayman searching the water with dive teams and patrol boats. 

    “Anybody that’s a parent should know what they’re going through and I hope that, if people do have information that they do come forward,” Mr. Jones said. 

    Volunteer and police searches earlier in the week turned up the keys to Kerran’s Honda, as well as an area of rock near the coastline where traces of a substance believed to be blood was found. RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden said the keys found did fit in Kerran’s car ignition, however, he said police had no indication yet from lab tests on the supposed blood.  

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    Karren Baker

    Wilmot and Sandra Anthony plead for information about their missing daughter Kerran Baker.
    Brent Fuller


    1. Cayman citizens and residents:

      Please do the right thing. If you know something, then please say something.

      Its hard to fathom on such a tiny island, that no one has come forward with info that might help.

      Help her family and friends get peace of mind, no matter the result.

    2. In light of all the crime happening in this once, safe, beautiful country; maybe someone might want to pick up the cause of fighting to reinstate the death penalty……for kidnapping and murder in particular….

    3. MPs May Be Forced To Vote On Death Penalty
      Sky News Thu, Aug 4, 2011

      MPs could be forced into a landmark vote on the restoration of the death penalty because of a new e-petitions scheme.

      Commons leader Sir George Young has already said they should not ignore voters and shy away from debating the issue.

      Sir George warned it would damage democracy to ignore strong opinions among members of the public or pretend that their views do not exist.

      He spoke out ahead of the publication of the first submissions to the new e-petitions scheme, which could see the most popular appeals discussed in Parliament.

      Among the most prominent is one calling for legislation allowing child killers and those who murder on-duty police officers to face execution

      You’re going to get your wish sooner than expected.

      Once the British Parliament begins the debate, the local Overseas Territories will have to as well.

      What an eerie coincidence that you have raised this point exactly the day after it has been raised in Britain.

    4. Firey,
      It is no coincidence. Nothing happens before the time.
      IT IS TIME. I would like to say that before the religious fanatics start their Campaign to oppose the death penalty, let me remind them of Jesus’ Ten Commandments #6 Thou shalt Not Kill but it also says in Deuteronomy Chapter l9 Verse 21 A Life For a Life Its time to impose the death penalty on all those who take innocent lives and all those who rape and kill our children.
      The time has come.

    5. and the current count for the e-petition shows 12,414 wish to RETAIN the ban with only 6,717 voting for the main petition to have it restored.

      The chances of this being debated seriously in the UK parliament never mind getting the death penalty restored is about the same as a Caymanian joining the Armed Forces!

    6. A person was detained at the airport and armed police were there with guns. Angelique Howell could not reached to confirm.
      That means someone is being held but they are looking for more people involved and want as much information as possible.

      Editor’s note; Police said Friday afternoon that the person detained at the airport Thursday night was not held in relation to the Kerran Baker case.

    7. If the RCIPS have said the incident at the airport is nothing to do with the missing girl then they would be fools if it was connected… saying no comment would suffice. And whatever anyone thinks the only fools around here are the armchair Miss Marples who need to get their fix of CSI

    8. Tiger, Dont get me wrong, i hope God has his way with the guilty murdurers, and child killers of this world.

      but, as for the death penalty,

      Thou shall not commit revenge is not part of the 10 commandments… so go ahead and fry them.

      but leviticus 19:18 says: ‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.

      and Colossians 3:13
      Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you

      i guess we can do, and say anything we want, if you follow the bible, and know where to look.

    9. Beachbun,
      For you to imply that Cayamanians will not serve is a insult. I have served and I have seen the Elephant. FYI. In WW11 the Cayman Islands lost more people per capita than any onther Allied nation. Be 4 you shoot your mouth off again, check the facts first.

    10. Through out history it has been proven that religious people are some of the most violent of all society, commiting horrendous acts in the name of religion. So hypocritical of them all!!!

    11. Cayman xpat. You don’t seem to know your bible and you seem to be deceived and trying to deceive others.

      No. 6 or the Ten Commandments DOES say THOU SHALL NOT KILL! Are you reading the romn Satanic bible or what?
      Most likely you know a lot of thugs that you would like to see protected why you want to see them live while innocent people die. Sorry we are well aware of you religious fanatics who distort the truth and miss the mark, of what God is really saying to society today. Its beause of people like you Mr. or Ms. Cayman Xpat why we have so much crime in our society you are letting the criminals think its OK to take a life. God only takes care of things that are impossible not what it is possible for the law to take care of.
      God gave us the law for the lawless and its for those who take lives and do a lot of other things. The discussion is murder. something MUST BE DON and we will not allow religious hypocrites to bring discipline to these criminals in our society.
      Here’s a Lesson:

      The SIXTH Commandment – Thou Shalt Not Kill
      THE 6TH COMMANDMENT IS : thou shalt not kill = MURDER. KILL: (HEB – verb) -Ratsach to kill, murder or slay… human being …

    12. And for the bibley people

      That is why most countries, it’s always STATE before god. Because most bible worshipers are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Seriously, do you think god’s idea was to have organized religion, where you put money into a plate. To give someone a job, when anyone of you can read from this bible?

      Oh yes, and god is so petty, he really cares what you wear on sunday.

      Love the way you spout the CHRISTIAN bible or verses of other religions which are spin offs of the christian faith. Which I might add has been edited and revised (read, things left out and changed). holy mary, mother of god. BAM…you are going to hell. Mary was not the mother of god. She was for some religions the mother of the son of god. Im sure it will be nice and warm where most of you are going 8). Oh yes, and I can find more contradictions and hypocrisy in the christian bible. Do I believe in god. yes…but I don’t believe in church. That blasphemous idea is man made, to control the sheeple.

      And for the record,let me guess. The other religions don’t count?

      Put it this way, you kill someone on purpose. And in no way is it self defence. You should die.

      Maybe the middle east is right. Chop their heads off for murders and rapists. Cut the hands off thieves. Would make crime practically nil here, wouldn’t it?

    13. Raptor: Now. How many Caymanians are willing to join NOW.

      I have every respect for previous generations of Caymanians – they knew about duty and respect which is more than I can say for the Give me it all and give me it now brigade

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