Ricky: Evos should run things

Mitsubishi Evolutions are popular sedans in Cayman motorsports. The feeling now is that they will take centre-stage this weekend.

Sunday 7 August sees a drag race at Breakers Speedway put on by the Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association. Racing will begin at roughly 4pm after gates open from 12 noon, test and tune happens 12-2.30pm and qualifying takes place 2.45-3.45pm.

Association vice president Ricky Bodden is helping organize Sunday’s race. He intends to race a black and yellow Evo III and states the sports car should be all the rage.

“At this point it’s hard to say who will show up,” Bodden said. “But all of the normal stars will shine. To be clear there will be no six or seven second classes. We’ll stick with bracket racing where we take the cars that show up and group them according to qualifying times.

“However Jordan Seales in his black Evo will be one to watch. There is expected to be two new cars out, with one of them being Ronnie Forbes’ Mercedes Benz with the Chevy engine. I’m also looking forward to seeing Garth Bryce and his Toyota MR-2 out there.

“You also got Bad Oil (Michael Williams) in his ‘Mad Sick’ Evo III, which he is calling the ‘Madumatic’ because it has an automatic transmission. By all appearances that is a five second car. Banks (Kenrick Baker) is supposed to be running Dale Creighton’s Evo.

“Personally I’m looking forward to dominating the street class. My Evolution runs 6.7s and I drive it to work with the air conditioning on. All in all it should be some good racing.”

Bodden’s race to Breakers this weekend comes after a technical issue halted the meet last week. According to an association statement, the track sensors which connect to the Porta-Tree timing system were not available on time. Interestingly the race might have been cancelled anyway due to inclement weather. Bodden states that the other motorsports events planned last Saturday dealt with rain.

“The sound-off organized by the Cayman Auto Enthusiasts Association was cancelled. The Cayman Motorsports Association Time Attack saw a quick impromptu run in the rain. There were not much spectators but it looked like a lot of fun.”

Much of the focus for Sunday’s race will be on the winners from the last meet. Donald Francis claimed the low-seven second crown with his Honda Civic Type-R while brother Steven Francis ran his Honda Integra Type-R to low-nines glory. Humberto Rives powered his Suzuki Hayabusa to the motorcycle class win, Kenrick ‘Banks’ Baker shifted his Evo III to the six second class victory and softball star Yosvani Ebanks fired his burgundy Honda Prelude to the 10 second class win.

Rounding out the winners’ list are Neil Johnson and his white Evo V, which claimed high-sevens props and equestrian enthusiast Jane van der Bol whose Porsche Cayenne S Sports Utility Vehicle won the upper nine second class. Aside from the winners there was an interesting selection of competitors including Peter van der Bol in his Mercedes Benz E350 coupe.

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